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TalkTalk fibre review 2018

Luke Thompson
Tuesday, September 26th 2017

TalkTalk's fibre broadband is a mid-range choice for those looking for an affordable fibre optic connection. It might not have the clout of the bigger providers, but it still offers a strong service. So is it any good?

Our impartial guide covers the pros and cons of joining TalkTalk fibre broadband, offering you all the information you need before you sign up.

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Pros and cons

  • Cheap starting package
  • An unlimited service
  • Homesafe security system
  • History of poor customer service
  • No public wi-fi
  • Long contracts

What we like

Cheap starting package

TalkTalk offers a cheap starting package for those looking to make the switch to fibre. Faster Fibre offers download speeds of up to 38Mb, and comes with a free Super Router when you sign up.

TalkTalk have now integrated their prices so that the advertised price you see also includes line rental, so bear this in mind when comparing the cost with other providers.

An unlimited service

TalkTalk’s fibre broadband has unlimited usage. What this means for you is that you can essentially download and upload files and information as much as you like, without being penalised for any network-intensive activity. This could be useful for those who like streaming HD content, like films and TV shows, and for those who play online games.

HomeSafe security system

One thing TalkTalk has picked up on is just how important security is to consumers, especially for activities such as online banking or shopping. So TalkTalk has taken a real ‘belt and braces’ approach to security.

TalkTalk’s HomeSafe security system keeps your family safe online, protecting you from viruses and other digital attacks. The really nice touch is that it’s built into the network itself, so you don’t have to worry about installing it on each device.

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What we don’t like

History of poor customer service

TalkTalk has struggled for years with its bad customer service reputation, however the company is endeavouring to improve matters.

TalkTalk still has work to do if it's to convince everyone that it’s got the whole customer service question under control, but with such reasonable pricing, TalkTalk is still worth a punt if you are looking for a budget broadband deal.

No public wi-fi

A lack of public wi-fi may not matter to most people, as TalkTalk has primarily marketed itself as a home broadband provider. But with many of its rivals, including BT and Sky, offering public wi-fi access, it may be something that the more tech-savvy customers will consider to be essential.

Long contracts

If you decide to upgrade your package mid-contract, the clock is reset and you start counting down your 12 or 18-month commitment from the date of the upgrade, and not from the date you took your initial contract out. That could mean you face some serious penalty charges if you then decide to switch providers before the end of your contract.

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TalkTalk Faster Fibre is a good, mid-range fibre service that is intent on competing with larger rivals on equal terms. The result is a service that is definitely improving. Its shaky reputation for customer care is on the mend, and its fibre broadband deals come with some extras that could save you money.

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