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TenTel broadband review 2018

By Luke Thompson
Thursday, June 4th 2015

Tentel is no longer in operation. Existing customer contracts have been taken over by TalkTalk.

Well, we can clear up some of the mystery right now. TenTel is a Scottish broadband and home phone provider specialising in some of the best broadband deals for tenants up and down the UK. Which means that, above all else, flexibility is its watchword. Here's what TenTel offers...

Pros and cons


  • Option to pay a year up-front
  • No cancellation charges
  • Add TV


  • No refund on Advance bundle
  • Fibre activation charge
  • Charges for going over limit

What we like

Pay for everything in one go

Some providers let you pay for a year of line rental up front, at a discount. TenTel goes one better, giving you the option to pay for 12 months of broadband, home phone, and line rental all at once.

This all-in deal is known as the Advance bundle. It’s standard broadband, with speeds of up to 17Mbps, and costs £249.99. This has to be paid before your TenTel broadband and phone service will start working.

There are no connection fees for this package and you get a free broadband router (the box that gets you online) when you join.

No cancellation charges with standard broadband

Early termination charges can be expensive. But as many TenTel standard broadband packages are on 30-day contracts, early cancellation fees won’t apply. You can leave at any time without penalty.

If you’d prefer to commit to a contract (where you won’t be charged set-up fees) you can choose a six-month contract. This is especially useful for university students who only occupy a property for nine months of the year and are unable to commit to a 12-month or 18-month contract, but still want some security.

The freedom to cancel without penalty only applies to 30-day standard broadband. Choose a fibre broadband package or six-month standard broadband and you won’t be able to cancel early without being charged.

Add TV to your bundle

TenTel is offers a Roku streaming stick or box at a discounted price with your choice of broadband.

The no-contract TV service lets you stream TV from popular services including Netflix and Now TV. You’ll also get access to hundreds of free channels including BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, Demand5, Sky Sports News HQ and Sky News.

There’s a choice of three options – a streaming stick, Roku 2 and Roku 3 – all of which come with the same channels but different features. For more information, visit Tentel’s website.

The Roku stick and boxes can be used with any broadband services, but they are only available at a discounted price if you purchase TenTel broadband.

Featured TenTel deals

What we don’t like

No refund on the Advance bundle

The Advance bundle may have its benefits, such as its lower overall cost than paying monthly, but if you decide it’s not the right option for you and you attempt to cancel, you won’t get any money back.

The absence of a refund is one of the biggest drawbacks to TenTel’s Advance bundle, and is something worth bearing in mind before you choose the all-in option. However, if you do choose the Advance bundle, and you cancel within the 14-day cooling off period, you will receive a complete refund. Any later than this and the option of a refund is off the table.

Fibre is subject to an activation charge

It’s not a cheap charge either, costing you £49 upfront before you can start receiving the service. This is on top of your first month’s payment for broadband and line rental.

While fibre activation is expensive, TenTel standard broadband activation is free of charge. Unless, that is, you choose a 30-day contract as opposed to a six-month contract, where you’ll be charged a set-up fee of £35.

Charges for going over your usage limit

Many of TenTel’s broadband packages come with unlimited usage. Some, however, are subject to monthly usage limits, such as 5GB or 40GB. If you’re on one of these TenTel packages and you go over your limit you will be charged £1.50 per GB.

If you aren’t careful, these extra charges can soon spiral out of control. You can keep track of these charges online through your TenTel account.

Visit TenTel


TenTel’s biggest unique selling point is its Advance bundle, the option to pay for an entire year’s worth of broadband, home phone, and line rental up front in one go.

But if you go for this you have to be 100% sure, as if you cancel part-way through the year you won’t receive a penny in reimbursement. This could make the Advance bundle a risky option, depending on your circumstances, but a frugal one if you do stick with it to the end.

Broadband speeds are standard compared to other providers, and as there’s no objective information on actual speeds (such as those calculated by Ofcom tests), we’ll have to take them at face value for now. The same goes for customer service.

Tentel also offers a Roku TV streaming stick or box when you purchase Tentel broadband – allowing customers to access hundreds of channels and streaming services from one place.

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