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Westworld Season 2 – Nine evidence-based predictions that'll make your head spin

Westworld Season 2 hits small screens April 22. What you are about to read not only assumes you have watched the entirety of Westworld Season 1, but also that you're not overly concerned that you may have elements of Westworld season two spoiled for you in some small part. Of course you're not. After all, you're here aren't you?

BT versus Sky – who's the best broadband and TV provider?

BT focuses on its high broadband speeds and wide geographical coverage; Sky, meanwhile, is best-known for its TV service, although BT is competing fiercely on that front too. We give you the low-down on how they stack up when it comes to the details.

BT TV versus Virgin Media TV - which is best?

BT and Virgin are among the heavyweights in the battle for pay TV customers, offering top technology and content. But there are plenty of differences between the pair, from the channels you can watch to how much you can record.

Direct Save Telecom review 2018

Direct Save Telecom might not be a household name, but it has been a broadband and landline provider since 1999. It offers some of the cheapest broadband packages in the country and will supply customers without a credit check.

O2 mobile review 2018

O2’s one of the big players in the mobile game and runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK, as well as operating O2 wi-fi and owning half of Tesco Mobile. It offers a decent choice of tariffs and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) options, as well as some decent perks with O2 Priority.

Sky broadband vs TalkTalk broadband - Which is best?

On paper, both companies offer some pretty similar services. TalkTalk stakes its reputation on providing a decent service at an affordable price, whereas Sky offers its all-encompassing TV services alongside broadband. So who comes out on top?

Virgin Mobile review 2018

Virgin is pretty much everywhere. You can go on holiday on a Virgin plane or train, watch TV with a Virgin set-top box, order wine and even exercise. Its Virgin Mobile service is equally popular, with a decent range of tariffs, handsets and customer perks. We look at what's on offer.

Are energy comparison sites any good?

If you’ve never switched energy supplier before, or not for a few years, you will almost certainly save money by moving to a different deal - especially if you use an energy comparison website. So how exactly do they work? Here's our advice.

TalkTalk broadband and fibre review 2018

If you’re feeling the pinch, broadband is one of main areas where you could save some serious cash. There’s a range of budget providers that offer bargain deals, including TalkTalk with its Fast Broadband plan. But does the tiny price come at the cost of some large shortcomings elsewhere? We delve into the details to see if the rumours of poor service are true and exactly what you get for your money.

Sky broadband versus EE broadband – Which is better?

Sky is a giant of the broadband world, while EE is looking to take its mobile clout onto the internet patch. We have an attacker and a defender then. But which one is best?

Post Office broadband and fibre review 2018

Hear the words 'Post Office', and you probably think of stamps, bills and post that you think of, rather than high-speed communications. But while the Post Office may not be the most obvious broadband provider out there, it has the advantage of an established reputation.

Sky broadband versus Virgin Media broadband – Which is best?

Virgin Media can’t be beaten for speeds but Sky has award-winning customer service. So how can you choose between the two? We run through some of the key differences between Sky and Virgin broadband below.

First Utility energy review 2018

So how does First Utility stand up against its rivals? We've taken a look at everything from tariffs to customer service to help you decide.

Good Energy review 2018

If you like the idea of doing your bit for the world by choosing an environmentally-friendly energy supplier, then Good Energy could be the ideal choice.

BT TV channels – a complete run-down of included channels

BT TV offers a boost to your standard TV offering without breaking the bank. All BT TV packs require a BT broadband connection and they all come with BT Sport as standard. In addition, you can bolt on channels packs such as Sky Cinema and Sky Movies.

SSE energy review 2018

So is SSE any good? Well, we've looked in detail at everything that SSE has to offer, from its tariffs and discounts to its fuel mix and customer service record, so you can decide if it's right for you.

Is Origin broadband any good?

Origin may have only recently shown up on your radar, but this Yorkshire-born broadband provider has been doling out internet and phone connectivity for a few years. With standard and fibre connectivity available it has the means to cater for most people, but is it any good?

SSE broadband and fibre review

An energy company may not be the first place you’d go to for broadband, but as one of the big six energy companies in the UK, SSE is a solid business. With regular discounts for existing energy customers and no long-term contracts, is SSE Broadband any good?

EE broadband and fibre review 2018

EE is hailed as the UK’s number one mobile network thanks to its extensive 4G coverage, but you could also sort your broadband with the communications giant.

How can I get an energy deal with bad credit?

You might think a poor credit history will only affect you if you want to take out a mortgage or credit card, but it can also affect your eligibility for the best energy deals on the market. Read on to understand why.

Virgin Media versus TalkTalk: Who's the best broadband and TV provider?

Virgin Media is best known for providing the fastest broadband in the land, coupled with high-quality equipment with all the frills. Conversely, TalkTalk is its opposite, aiming to offer the same results for generally much less. But which is better?

Giffgaff mobile review 2018

Giffgaff advertises itself as the 'mobile network run by you'. It is, currently, the only UK provider whose 'members' (not customers) help one another out in place of a call centre. It could have been a total disaster. But it's not.

BT Broadband versus Virgin Media broadband – Which is best?

BT and Virgin are two heavyweights of the broadband world. They are among the most popular providers in the UK and operate on separate networks. Virgin is renowned for its insanely fast speeds, but BT is more widely available and also offers faster speeds than its competitors. So how do you choose between them?

BT Superfast Fibre 1 vs BT Superfast Fibre 2

BT Superfast FIbre (previously BT Infinity) has been around for a pretty long time now, and it's still, largely, as it always has been; separated into two speed categories the provider calls 'Superfast 1' and 'Superfast 2'. But how do you know which one is right for you and your household?

BT broadband versus TalkTalk broadband – Which is best?

It's time for a good, old-fashioned showdown. In the red corner is BT, the market leader and probably the best-known brand in telecoms. In the blue corner, we have TalkTalk, all grown up and with some notable mistakes behind it.

What's the difference between standard (ADSL) and fibre broadband?

Confused about what all the different broadband options offered by providers actually mean and how they function? Not sure how many mega-whatsits is the right number for you? Don't worry – we've got you covered.

NOW Broadband and fibre review 2018

NOW Broadband, like NOW TV is owned by Sky, so what makes it different? We've looked at all the details.

How to get out of your mobile contract for free

If you've signed up for a mobile contract, chances are you're tied in with them for a couple of years and occasionally, they'll throw you a bonus in the shape of some extra data to say thank you. However, if their service bad, or the coverage is so spotty that you want to look elsewhere, what can you do?

Sky TV review 2018

Mention Sky and satellite TV is the first thing that springs to most people’s minds. It continues to excel in this area with more channel choice than any other provider, but it’s important to know the bad along with the good before you join. We reveal the details so you can make an informed decision.

Virgin Media TV review 2018

At least once a year, Virgin Media has a rejig of its TV-only and TV bundle offerings. 2018 is no different, although this year, Virgin Media appears to have made some effort to simplify things.

EE versus Vodafone mobile – Which is best?

EE and Vodafone are the only two mobile networks in the UK to offer LTE-Advanced speeds (i.e. super quick). If you’ve got the need for speed, it’s a toss-up between the two. But which one is best? We’ll help you decide.

Who's the best broadband provider in the UK?

If it weren't for the unique situation we have in the UK with one provider on one network and everyone else on another, this would be a tough question to answer. Thankfully, that is the situation and it's not. There is a clear winner. In fact, it's barely even a contest.

Virgin Media Mix bundle review 2018

Virgin Media’s Mix bundle is a combination of 100Mbps broadband, TV, and home phone and is one of Virgin's mid-level bundles. A great all-rounder, it's good value, and ideal for families or couples who want more speed and more channel choice than average.

Does cheap energy mean poor customer service?

You won’t get “better” electricity or gas from one energy supplier compared to another, but the standard of customer service can differ wildly.

Should I switch energy supplier when moving house?

It's always worth considering switching to a new energy provider when you move house – it could save you a lot of money, after all.

Virgin Media VIP Bundle review 2018

Virgin Media’s VIP Bundle has everything, including some of Britain’s fastest fibre broadband, TV, home phone and mobile. We simply couldn’t ask for anything more. But does the VIP bundle live up to the name? Here’s how it all weighs up.

Virgin Media Full House Bundle review 2018

Virgin Media’s Full House bundle is great for large families that spend a lot of time online and want lots of different channels to keep the whole brood happy. But what exactly do you get for your money and is it good value? We review the details to help you decide.

What happens when my mobile contract ends?

When you are coming to the end of your mobile contract you can either stay on the same plan or leave. There are several options available if you decide to change your plan. Here's everything you need to know about what to do next.

What’s the best TV package for Indian and Asian TV channels in the UK?

Indian television now attracts broad audiences and, with over 25 channels available, there are more Bollywood movies and Indian TV serials to keep us entertained than ever before. Now that’s something to make a song and dance about. Our guide looks at which provider has the most Indian channels for this burgeoning market.

Plusnet broadband versus TalkTalk broadband - Which is best?

Plusnet and TalkTalk both bring cheap, reliable broadband to your home; but how do you choose between them? Our guide is your number one stop to find out which of these two broadband providers is better suited for you.

Plusnet broadband versus Sky broadband - Which is best?

Sky and Plusnet are two of the biggest names in the UK broadband industry. Are you being tempted by the glitz of Sky or is the straightforward simplicity of Plusnet more appealing? Either way, we're here to help you decide.

Which provider offers the best international SIM deals?

It can be expensive to call abroad from the UK, especially on your mobile phone. We’ve hunted down five providers who offer international SIMs or international calling plans and listed them in no particular order to show you the best choices out there for making cheap international calls.

Virgin Media Player Bundle review 2018

Virgin Media has four all-in-one broadband, TV and phone (and mobile if you want to add it on) bundles available right now. The Player Bundle is the lowliest of the four, but as is commonly the case, also the cheapest. So is it any good?

How to cancel your EE mobile contract

So you’re leaving EE. Do you need to phone them, or will your new provider take care of it? PAC codes. What are they? Why do you need one? When do you need one? How do you get one? There are so many questions.

BT TV versus Sky TV – Which is best?

Are you agonizing over BT and Sky? Both TV providers offer an outstanding array of channels and extras. To make it easier to choose, we've looked at exactly what's on offer from each to make your decision easier.

What broadband speed do I need? Find the right package for your household

In the world of broadband, numbers of megabits are abstract. Although most of us understand the more the megabits the faster the broadband, few of us comprehend how those speeds apply to our household. Is 10Mbps enough? What about 50? Or 100?

Is dual fuel cheaper than separate providers?

Dual-fuel deals are widely available and would seem to be a good idea to keep your energy finances simple. But are there any downsides you need to know about before you take the plunge?

Is 10Mb or 11Mb broadband fast enough for my household?

A 10Mbps connection speed is what you get from a standard ADSL broadband package, which used to be advertised as 17Mbps. But what does this mean in real terms? Can you watch Netflix in HD? Can you run a small business from home? Hog Facebook? Let's find out.

When is the best time to switch energy provider?

Don't miss out on saving some cash by not switching energy supplier. The key is knowing the best time to do it and how to make the biggest saving.

How do I work out how much energy I use?

In order to save money on energy, you first need to know exactly how much you are using. Our simple and straightforward guide explains how do it, from reading your meter to calculating your annual usage.

How do I get out of my broadband contract for free?

Your contract is essentially your promise to your provider you'll stick with them for an agreed period of time. If you want out early, most providers will demand you pay your way out. But what if your service isn't up to snuff? What if you move house or your provider hikes its prices? Questions, questions.

How to turn your TV into a smart TV

TV is no longer just a dumb box of glass and wires. TV is getting smart – it can do far more now that just let you watch Eastenders. With the use of a special device, you can browse the internet, play music and stream films and music beyond what your digital service provider offers.

What is a smart thermostat and do I need one?

So you've heard about Hive and Nest and you're wondering whether to get a smart thermostat. Nobody really needs a smart thermostat but they can help you save energy and hence also cash. Here's all you need to know.

Can I get Sky in my area?

Sky still leads the way when it comes to subscription TV services, offering a wealth of superb drama, sports and entertainment channels, including Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and of course, the exclusive Sky Atlantic.

Sky versus Virgin Media: Who's the best broadband and TV provider?

Sky is best known for its unequalled satellite TV service. Virgin, meanwhile, offers by far the fastest widely available broadband in the country. So with most of us getting our broadband and TV from a single company, how to choose?

What are the best BT broadband, TV and phone upgrade deals for existing customers?

Are you an existing BT customer looking to upgrade your broadband package? Well, we have the best BT deals right here. Whether you want to upgrade your speed or just want extra perks there is something for everyone.

What’s in the Sky TV basic package? A guide to the Sky Entertainment pack

The most basic TV package from Sky right now is called the Sky Entertainment pack. It’s had loads of names in the past, but that’s what it’s called right now, okay? Okay. So what’s in it then?

How do I lower my energy bills?

There are so many ways to reduce those tiresome energy bills: from changing supplier to simply remembering to switch off the light as you leave the room. Even small changes can make a big difference - here are some of our ideas.

How to deal with energy price rises

Don't let your heart sink when you get a letter informing you of a price rise in your gas or electricity. You don't have to put up with it – switch to a different provider and you could save hundreds of pounds a year.

Which suppliers offer green energy in the UK?

Switching to a green energy supplier is becoming increasingly popular amongst customers looking to save money and help the planet. Read our guide to find out all the options available.

How to switch energy supplier

If you are feeling the heat from your energy bills, then it's time to switch. According to government data, UK households spend around £1,250 on energy every year.

Sky Variety Bundle review 2018

If you think variety is the spice of life, then the Sky Variety Bundle could have just the right mix of TV channels and content for you. It contains more than 300 TV channels and comes with a free Sky Q box and free installation. If you’re thinking of signing up, this guide has everything you need to know.

Sky Sports Bundle review 2018

If you’re passionate about sport you’ll want a dedicated TV package to watch the live action at home and catch up on news and analysis. Is the Sky Sports Bundle the one for you? Find out in our independent guide.

Sky Complete Bundle review 2018

If you love to watch TV and want the ultimate package of entertainment, sports, movies and lots, lots more, the Sky Complete Bundle is worth a look. So exactly what is included and how much will it set you back? Find out in our independent review.

Sky Cinema Bundle review 2018

If you’re looking for a pay TV package with a huge variety of films including the latest blockbusters, the Sky Cinema Bundle has got it covered. But how much does it cost and what else do you get? Find out in our review.