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How can I watch Sky Atlantic? On Sky, Now TV, BT, Virgin and TalkTalk

By Richard Murphy
Monday, February 12th 2018

Sky Atlantic! The name alone is enough to send people into giddy fits of excitement – especially with the return of Game of Thrones. But how do you get it?

With one hand Sky captivates the nation’s imagination with the most electrifying television in decades, and with the other it jealously guards it as if it’s some rare gemstone. Reaching the jewel in Sky’s already-encrusted crown is not difficult, but it might mean a change of your TV provider.

On Virgin TV

Unfortunately, Sky Atlantic is not currently available with any of Virgin Media’s TV packages or bundles. That means you can't watch new episodes of Game of Thrones, Riviera or any of the other great shows available on Sky Atlantic with Virgin Media. Bummer.

But there's a trick to get around it...

Sky makes almost all its content available over the internet on its Now TV service. It's dirt cheap and they'll supply you with the tiny box you need to use it – or if you have a games console, you can run it on that. All Sky's top content is available on Now TV on the day it is broadcast (including Sky Atlantic content – Game Of Thrones, Twin Peaks and all the rest). You can even watch TV live – just as if you've got a full-blown Sky subscription.

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The best thing about it, though is that you can unsubscribe any time you like. The 'contract' – if you can call it that – is for one month. You pay one month at a time, either on an ongoing basis, or whenever you need it. That means, for example, that you can cancel it when Game Of Thrones is between seasons, then start it up again as soon as you need it. Perfect.

On Sky

As the name may suggest, Sky’s flagship channel is available through Sky TV – as you would expect.

Sky Atlantic is available with all Sky’s TV bundles, the cheapest being the Original Bundle, which will set you back £20 per month. If you want to watch shows like Westworld, The Leftovers or any of the exciting new series from Atlantic in high definition, you’ll need to choose the Box Sets Bundle (previously the Family bundle), which costs £25 per month.

Today's best Sky TV deals

Along with Sky Atlantic, you will also get Sky's other great channels including Sky 1 and Sky Living. Plus, if you sign up to the Box Sets Bundle you will be able to enjoy catching up on hours of top-quality shows with Sky Box Sets. And with the free Sky Go app, you can watch online when you are out and about.

On Now TV (on the internet)

Sky Atlantic is available on Now TV, which is owned by Sky. You don’t need a subscription to get access to Now TV, but you will need at least a 2.5Mb broadband connection.

  • NOW TV Entertainment

    NOW TV
    • Sky premium channels + 250 box sets
    • Watch on multiple devices (PS4, tablet etc)
    • Requires broadband connection
    £7 .99
    Zero set-up cost See Deal

If you’re a new customer you can pick up the Now TV Box and the Entertainment Pass for just £24.99 and then make monthly payments of £7.99. This gives you access to Sky Atlantic and a whole host of other Sky channels.

If you have a compatible device, you can get Now TV directly through that, saving you the initial expense of buying a Now TV Box. This would mean you’d only have to pay £7.99 per month to get your hands on Sky Atlantic. Devices that are compatible with Now TV include:

  • Chromecast
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Roku
  • PCs and Macs
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • LG Smart TVs


It’s a similar story here. BT does not have a TV package that includes Sky Atlantic. If anything changes, we’ll update this guide.

On TalkTalk TV

Again, Sky is doing a grand job of keeping prying eyes away from its premier channel. TalkTalk TV operates over the YouView TV box similarly to BT. Unfortunately this means there’s no way to get your hands on Sky Atlantic with TalkTalk.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t have Sky Atlantic, how do I watch Game of Thrones?

A guaranteed way to feel excluded from water cooler conversations at work is by not watching Game of Thrones. If you don’t fancy shelling out for Sky Atlantic, there are other ways to keep up with it though.

In fact, you can watch many of Sky Atlantic’s top shows, like Westworld, Mad Men and True Detective on online streaming sites and services like Amazon Prime Instant Video, TalkTalk TV Store (previously Blinkbox), Google Play or iTunes. Episodes are usually released a few months after they’ve premiered on Atlantic.

One place you won't find Game of Thrones is Netflix. The streaming site has locked horns with HBO, the show’s creator, which has launched its own US-only streaming service, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming to Netflix any time soon.

Can I use a Now TV Entertainment Pass on YouView?

No. If you are a BT or TalkTalk customer with YouView you cannot use a Now TV pass. If you have your own YouView box, you can use a Now TV Sky Sports or Sky Movies pass, but not Entertainment. The simple solution is to just buy a Now TV box and watch Now TV Entertainment through that.

How much does Sky Atlantic cost?

There’s not a set price for the channel. Sky Atlantic comes as part of a package of channels available for a monthly fee.

Can I get Sky Atlantic on demand?

Yes. Sky’s on demand player lets you watch Sky Atlantic on demand through the Sky Q Box. You will need to have your box connected to the internet to use this function.

Can I watch Sky Atlantic in HD?

To watch Sky Atlantic in HD on Sky, you need to buy the Sky Box Sets Bundle, which will set you back £25 per month or the Sky Complete Bundle, which costs £61.

Any packages below the Box Sets Bundle come with Sky Atlantic, but only in standard definition. However, if you purchase the Sky Q or Sky Q 2TB box you will also be able to watch Sky Atlantic in HD.

Now TV, unfortunately, is a different story. The highest quality you can stream Sky Atlantic in depends on which device you’re watching it on, but none of them get up to 1080p high definition. The highest quality for the majority of devices is 720p, with some only offering standard definition.

Can I watch Sky Atlantic on Freeview or Freesat?

No. You need a subscription with Sky to watch Sky Atlantic.

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