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Sky TV vs TalkTalk TV

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017

Sky TV is one of the big guns of TV, providing customers with endless entertainment, drama and sport, but TalkTalk TV offers packages at a more affordable price. With this in mind, which one is the right one for you?

We compare the TV packages of both providers, looking at everything from channel choice to customer service, so you can decide on the deal that suits you best.

At a glance

Sky TV and TalkTalk TV have very similar TV services, but there is no serious comparison in terms of content, with Sky TV in a different league entirely. The flip side is that TalkTalk TV is much cheaper and offers a more limited product, which will suit many budgets.

  • Sky Entertainment + Unlimited Broadband

    • 75+ entertainment, 250+ free-to-air channels
    • Pay set-up cost today
    • Pay for calls made
    £29.95 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal
  • TalkTalk Broadband + TV

    • Freeview channels
    • Pay nothing today
    • TV Box & Super Router
    £19 .95
    £25 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

Channel choice


Sky TV offers an impressive array of entertainment, drama and sport with a variety of TV packages and hundreds of channels. You can choose from six Sky TV packages to suit your budget and TV needs.

Bundles of fun from Sky

Sky’s bundles are organised in a hierarchy, beginning with the Original bundle’s basic channel selection and equipment, through to the Variety bundle and the Box Sets bundle ranging up to the Complete bundle, which comes equipped with every sport and movie channel, as well as all the 3D extras.

Every channel comes with a basic 240 SD channels and 11 HD channels, and a Sky Q box, which means you can get the best out of those 11 3D channels. Sky Atlantic, one of Sky’s most popular channels, is included in all the bundles. You can focus on sports or movies by going for the Sports Bundle or Cinema Bundle.

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TalkTalk offers two packages: TV, which includes 80 Freeview channels, and TV Plus, where you get an additional 30 channels, including Sky 1 and Fox. Both plans include catch up TV, the option to pause and rewind live TV, and a free YouView box. However you can only record shows on the TV Plus package. You can choose to add on extras, including Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, for an additional fee.

TalkTalk broadband is required

Unlike Sky, you will need to sign up for TalkTalk broadband in order to get a TalkTalk TV package. However, TalkTalk does offer competitive package deals with broadband and calls. The basic TV package is free with all TalkTalk broadband packages (except for a one-off £25 installation fee).

Add a little boost

TalkTalk offers the option to add extra channels to both packages, such as the Kids Boost from just £5 extra per month.

If you choose the basic TV package, you can choose to add the Entertainment boost, which is great for drama and includes Comedy Central, Sky Living and Discovery (all of these channels are included in TV Plus as standard). The Kids Boost offers endless fun and excitement for children, including adventures with Mickey Mouse on Disney Channel and hours of Peppa Pig on Nick Jr.

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Technology and equipment


Sky TV comes with a Sky Q TV box, which has 1TB of storage. You can record, rewind and pause live TV. You can record three shows at once and watch a fourth live. When you take the Box Sets Bundle, you get over 50 HD channels, so you can catch every little detail of your favourite shows. Plus, you will also have access to even more TV with Sky Box Sets, where you can watch what you want, whenever you want.

If you are always running out of space on your box, for an additional £184 for new customers, you can upgrade to a Sky Q 2TB box, which includes all the features from a Sky Q 1TB box, but has vastly more storage. So you can record all your favourite series in HD without worrying about missing an episode.


Although the YouView box has the record, rewind and pause feature, with the basic TV plan you can only pause and rewind shows for a maximum of 30 minutes. You also won’t be able to record your programmes. With TV Plus, you’ll get the YouView+ box that will allow you to record up to 180 hours of your favourite shows.

Customer service


As well as offering great deals, Sky TV is known for providing good customer service. According to the latest Ofcom reports, it ranks highly, and always has done. Whatever you buy, you know you will be in good hands.


In the past TalkTalk’s customer service has not had a great reputation, but the company is now openly endeavouring to improve matters on that front.



If you are constantly fighting with your partner or kids over which programme to watch, you can opt for Sky Multiscreen, which comes with one Sky Q mini box that wirelessly transmits your Sky service to a second TV – at an extra cost of £12 per month. You can order an extra Sky Q mini box at a cost of £99. Plus with the Sky app, which is available on your smartphone or tablet, you can take control of your box wherever you are.

You can also watch Sky TV on your smartphone or tablet with the Sky Go app for free – even while you are away from home, although you will need to have an internet connection. Or, for an extra £5, you can upgrade to the Sky Go Extra app that allows you to download programmes and movies, and then watch them anywhere you like offline.


With TalkTalk, there aren’t many extras available in comparison to Sky. For additional channels, they do offer the TV Starter, Kids and Entertainment boosts. You can also add Sky Sports and Sky Cinema to the TalkTalk TV package, at a cost.



Sky is the big daddy of TV, and rightly so. It offers some of the best TV package deals around, with a wide array of entertainment, drama and sport, often in HD. With a variety of bundles to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. Although it may be pricey, Sky does offer a lot more extras and provides a lot more content than its competition.

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Although TalkTalk offers some of the cheapest TV deals around, this is reflected in the content offered, which doesn’t really have a leg to stand on when compared to Sky TV. You also have to take into consideration that the TalkTalk TV packages are only available if you are a broadband and phone customer, which will probably end up adding to the overall cost.

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