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TalkTalk Mobile coverage checker

By Richard Murphy
Tuesday, October 3rd 2017

TalkTalk Mobile is no longer operating. If you’re looking for a cheap mobile provider, we'd recommend you consider Tesco Mobile.

TalkTalk's coverage checker will show you what the provider's mobile reception is like both where you live and elsewhere around the country. We explain how it works, what the results mean, and what your alternatives might be if you don't like what you find.

How do I check TalkTalk Mobile coverage?

Just click the button below to go to the TalkTalk Mobile coverage checker, where you will need to enter your postcode to see the results in your area. Once you’ve done that, you can come back here to go through the results and what they mean.

Check TalkTalk Mobile coverage →

TalkTalk is a virtual mobile network, which means it uses another provider’s network to carry its calls, texts and data. TalkTalk Mobile uses the Vodafone network.

Looking at the coverage map

You’ll see a map centred on the postcode you’ve entered, along with additional information about what the results mean around the sides.

Navigating around the map

Like virtually every mobile coverage checker, the TalkTalk/Vodafone tool uses Google Maps – so if you’ve used the search engine’s tool to find a location or check directions, you’ll be familiar with how to navigate around. If not, you can click and drag on the map to move it and click on the plus and minus icons to zoom in or out of your selected location.

The map centres on the postcode you type in, plus roughly 1,000 square metres around that location. This default level of zoom is closer than other comparable coverage checkers, but you can easily zoom out to get a wider picture by using the minus icon on the map itself.

Understanding the mobile coverage results

The quality of existing coverage is colour-coded

Colours indicate how strong your signal should be (you'll see the key in the bottom right hand corner). The best possible result is the magenta “indoors and outdoors” coverage, while the worst is the red “limited” indicator – mainly found over rural parts of the UK.

You can check future planned coverage on the map

Where the TalkTalk Mobile / Vodafone map differs from the majority of its competitors is that you can also click to see planned mobile coverage. This is particularly useful if you find coverage isn't quite meeting your expectations but you want to find out if it soon will.

Current network problems are flagged up

Another bonus with the map is if you enter a location where the network is aware of issues, a pop-up will appear explaining what's going on. In some of the locations we tried, we were informed that there was maintenance on a nearby mast, so coverage may be impaired as a result.

A written summary clarifies the results

On the left hand side of the map, you’ll find a written summary of either the 2G or 3G at your postcode. The level of service is rated as (from worst to best) either ‘Slow 2G email & internet’, ‘Outdoors only’, ‘Outdoors, variable indoors’ or ‘Indoors & outdoors’.

How good is TalkTalk Mobile coverage?

Vodafone covers 96% of UK households, so statistically speaking, it’s far more likely you’ll be in an area with coverage than not if you sign up to a TalkTalk Mobile contract. For those looking for a 4G connection, Vodafone covers 95% of the UK population. It also states that they’re aiming to offer 98% indoor 4G coverage over the next few years.

Mobile signal strength is always subject to variation

However widespread the coverage, all mobile phone networks offer varying degrees of signal strength across the country. This, combined with the impact that different weather conditions can have on mobile phone signals, means that customer experiences of the same mobile network can be wildly different.

As a rule of thumb, the further you are away from a mobile phone mast, the weaker your signal will be. However, even when near to a mobile mast, your connection can be affected by how many other consumers are using it at the same time as you.

How coverage checkers work

The majority of mobile phone coverage checkers are generated with computer simulations that estimate how widespread a signal should be based on where the nearest masts are. Although networks could use live data from customers to create these maps, simulations are the most commonly used technique to present results.

Google Maps allows for inclusion of geographical data

By using Google Maps as the basis for their checker, Vodafone/TalkTalk Mobile can also include topographical data: both dense urban areas and hilly rural locations can struggle to receive a strong signal. However, no coverage checker is ever going to be completely accurate, so see it as a guide rather than a guaranteed depiction of signal quality.

What are the alternatives?

If it looks like you're unlikely to get good coverage from TalkTalk Mobile, or even if you just want to explore other options, you can click on any of the logos below to investigate other providers.


Although TalkTalk Mobile uses the extensive Vodafone network, like every other provider it will offer different levels of coverage depending on where you are. It's always worth checking all the locations where you regularly spend time, be it at home, at work, or with family. This way you will know whether a mobile provider will work for you.

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