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Virgin Media TiVo guide

Tuesday, February 2nd 2016

One of the major benefits of selecting a TV package from Virgin Media is that it will come with a TiVo box. But what role will this device play in the way you and your family watch TV?

Here, in no uncertain terms, is a thorough look at what the TiVo box is, how you can get it, and whether, now that there are so many on demand TV services that allow you to watch what you want when you want, it’s still as relevant as it once was.

What does it do?

Records programmes

With a digital video recorder you can pause and rewind live television as well as being able to record any programmes you wish onto an internal hard drive, which negates the need for videocassettes or blank DVDs.

You can record up to three channels at once...

The TiVo box allows you to record up to three channels at the same time while watching something you recorded previously.

... and record TV which has already finished

With the Virgin TiVo box you can also scroll back through the onscreen viewing guide and record any BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 programmes you may have missed from the last seven days (this feature has since been introduced on the BT TV YouView box).

Recommends new content

TiVo can also recommend shows for you to watch based upon your viewing habits and can alert you when one of your favourite actors is appearing in a new show.

WishList service uses your search history

The Virgin Media TiVo WishList service allows you to make a list of your previous searches for favourite actors or genres, etc. Once you’ve done this, your TiVo set-top box will keep an electronic eye on forthcoming programmes for you and automatically record any that it thinks you may be interested in.

It will also ‘learn’ what kind of shows you like and automatically record other similar shows that you don’t currently watch but that you may be interested in.

Uses its own broadband connection

Your TiVo box will also have its own dedicated 10Mb broadband connection. This means that it will not have to share your existing domestic broadband connection so people browsing the web throughout your home will not notice any drop in connection speed when the TiVo is downloading catch up TV or on demand content.

This broadband connection will allow you to browse the web on your TV as well as enjoying a vast array of games and applications, including those that use Adobe Flash technology.

Types of TiVo box

1TB TiVo

There are two types of TiVo box available. The first is the 1TB (TB standing for terabyte, which is equal to a 1,000 gigabyte) box, which can record around 500 hours of standard TV or around 100 hours of HD TV.

The 1TB TiVo costs £49.95. There is also a monthly fee of £5 and an activation charge of £9.99. An installation cost may apply.

500GB TiVo

This is similar to the 1TB box, but it has half the space on the hard drive. It can still record 250 hours of standard TV or 50 hours of HD, and still does all the tricks its big brother does.

The 500GB box is is free, but you'll have to pay an activation fee of £9.99 and possibly an installation cost. You'll also be charged a monthly £5 fee.

Package comparison

  • Digital TV
    TV channels144
    SD channels134
    HD channels10
    Home Phone
    Daytime calls9.94ppm
    Evening calls9.94ppm
    Weekend callsInclusive
    Pricing & Contract
    Upfront cost£9.99
    Contract length12 months
    First year cost£315.87

    £15 p/m after 9 mths
    + £17.99 p/m line rental

    0800 093 1662 0203 151 2367
  • Digital TV
    TV channels78
    SD channels69
    HD channels9
    Home Phone
    Not included
    Pricing & Contract
    Upfront cost£9.99
    Contract length12 months
    First year cost£249.99

    per month
    + £0 p/m line rental

    0800 093 1662 0203 151 2367

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So there we have it. You can record all your favourite shows and get suggestions for programmes you might like; what could be better?

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