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Annan has a long history dating back to Roman times, and was once a thriving shipbuilding port with connections to North America. How well connected is it today via the digital world of the web? Find out in our guide to broadband in Annan.

Over the years the former Royal Burgh of Annan has sustained itself in a variety of ways. While its days as an important maritime town may be behind it, today there are ample digital opportunities for the businesses and residents of Annan. And if current developments proceed as planned, accessing the internet could soon get a whole lot easier.

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An historic Scottish town

Annan was in the 12th century home to a castle built and lived in by the de Brus family from which the famous Robert the Bruce would later come. During this time the town’s close proximity to the English border meant it was often embroiled in conflict. In more peaceful times though, Annan quietly prospered as a shipbuilding and fishing town.

Annan was until 2004 the home of Chapelcross nuclear power station, and this provided a significant amount of employment before it was decommissioned. Today the town is home to a variety of small businesses, from engineering firms to accountants, and for these to stay competitive, up-to-date digital connections are needed.

A £240,000 pilot project for superfast broadband is currently in progress in the town. Over 2012 a number of volunteer businesses and residents have been trialling the expansion of the Pathfinder project, which has already been used to deliver superfast connectivity to public sector bodies throughout the region. It is hoped that it will eventually bring superfast access to all.

Broadband in Annan currently offers connection speeds varying from between around 2Mbps to 4Mbps on Preston Gardens Hospital Road and Rosemount Crescent, to 10Mbps to 16Mbps in areas closer to the Victoria Road Exchange, such as Port Street.

Telephone exchanges in Annan

Located on the south west side of town, the Annan telephone exchange provides broadband and landline access to over 4,500 local residents. The exchange itself can be found on Victoria Road, near the junction for Carlyle’s Place, a short distance from Annan Academy and the local train station. The postcode for the exchange is DG12 6BD.

The Queensberry Arms Hotel is close to the Annan telephone exchange. Originally a coaching hotel from the 18th century, the Queensberry Arms has recently been renovated and now boasts 26 rooms with en-suite bathrooms for visitors to the town and those looking for somewhere to stay when exploring the local area.

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