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The county town of Hertfordshire, Hertford is a prosperous commuter location with a strong local identity, shaped by its high concentration of independent businesses. But how well are companies and residents connected when it comes to broadband technology? Find out in our guide to broadband in Hertford.

One of the most famous former residents was the explorer Alfred Russel Wallace, who was a student at Hertford Grammar School. Wallace was a pioneer of the theory of evolution – pre-empting Darwin in some key respects. But how well evolved are the local broadband connections? To support the demand for internet services, there has been a long campaign for investment in faster broadband – read on to find out more.

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Commuter town with a long royal heritage

A castle was constructed at the settlement shortly after the Norman invasion, which accommodated members of Royal Family for around three centuries before the building was grated to the Earldom of Salisbury, after which it fell into disrepair. Hertford became a much more populous town in the 19th century, when fast railway links to London made it increasingly popular with families.

Important employers in Hertford include Royal Sun Alliance, Which Magazine and Hertfordshire County Council. Near the outskirts of the town is the University of Hertfordshire’s Bayfordbury Observatory, which is one of the most important observatories in the UK, used by students of mathematics, physics and, of course astronomy.

Evidently, like all communities, to stay well connected in the 21st century, students, businesses and residents alike need access to reliable broadband in Hertford and many streets are already able to access fast internet services in the town.

Speeds around Bengeo, Welwyn Road, North Road and near Gascoyne Way are as fast as 20Mbps or more, although slower services of 3Mbps to 7Mbps do occur near Ware Road and Hertingfordbury Road. With projections for a significant population boom in the wider county, hopefully more people in Hertford will have access to superfast broadband services in the next few years.

The Hertford Theatre is one of the main attractions in town, showcasing numerous live performances and movies throughout the year, many of which are now booked online via the theatre's website.

This town is also well known for the Hertford Museum, which stores more than 80,000 artefacts and exhibits everything from historic toothbrushes to the history of the Hertfordshire Regiment. It also has a special 'World of Wallace' exhibition, which illustrates the eventful life of Alfred Russel Wallace - an influential explorer who was raised in Hertford. Like the theatre, this venue depends on good broadband to market itself to prospective visitors via its website and advertise special offers via social media channels.

Broadband near Hertford East Railway Station and Mead Lane is still rather slow at just 2Mbps to 8Mbps, which certainly does not compare favourably with the regional and national average. Further south near London Road, however, internet connections are much faster at approximately 41Mbps, and speeds close to Caxton Hill also performing quite well at about 31Mbps.

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