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Home to world-class golf courses, miles of sand dunes and the British Lawnmower Museum, it’s no wonder that Southport remains one of the UK’s premier seaside resorts. But is broadband in Southport helping residents and businesses to get the most out of living there? Read our guide to find out.

Once a home to exiled Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (the first president of France), Southport attracts many visitors every year, not all of them as forcibly coerced into spending time here as Bonaparte was! In 2010 the town was listed in the UK’s top ten locations for seaside tourism jobs, but it’s good digital connections that will help the town prosper in the 21st century.

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Selling Southport via digital

Though there has been settlement in the area since Anglo-Saxon times, Southport itself didn’t take shape until close to the end of the 18th Century. It was a shrewd man named William Sutton who essentially founded the place amongst previously uninhabited sand dunes by building a bathing house there.

Six years later he opened the South Port Hotel, and by the early 19th Century Southport was a thriving seaside resort. Thanks to the canals, and then the railway network, the town’s growth was accelerated by influxes of visitors from nearby Liverpool and Manchester.

Today the town continues to be a popular seaside resort, and is known for its authentic Victorian stylings, entertaining pier (one of the first built from iron), beaches, shops and coastal walks.

Tourism remains a crucial part of the town’s economy, and in the digital age broadband in Southport is helping local businesses to promote themselves to a wider audience, as well as encouraging small, digitally-based businesses to take up residence.

For the most part, residents and businesses in Southport appear to be getting a good level of service from their broadband connections currently, with no connection problems reported in Churchtown, Marshside or Blowick.

Even more remote communities such as Birkdale and Crossens are fairing well. In 2011, BT upgraded the Churchtown exchange to super-fast fibre-optic broadband as part of its roll out of faster internet services across the region.

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