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Created as an overflow town for Glasgow, Cumbernauld is a relatively new settlement in Scotland. Even though it is the clearest example of a modern, new town in Scotland, how new and fast is the internet access? Discover more about broadband in Cumbernauld by reading our helpful guide.

Cumbernauld is located at the highest point on the Scottish Central Belt. This location seemed to fit well when the idea was presented to help the massive housing shortage Glasgow was dealing with after World War II, however as the town has evolved there has become more of a need for better digital connections.

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The new outlook includes better broadband internet

While most people assume that Cumbernauld is a modern-day creation, the town's ancestry goes all the way back to Roman times. Its origins are as a small settlement close to the Antonine Wall, the northernmost boundary of the Roman Empire.

The town was built up during the Norman period complete with Motte and Bailey style castle (the remains of the motte can still be seen today). However, it is as a 'new town' that Cumbernauld gained fame, although planning of the town was seen by some as unimaginative, and the result of an urgent need for housing after the Second World War.

However Cumbernauld is today undergoing a revival that is bringing out its best elements. Whether that includes good digital connectivity though, is open to debate.

Residents have been venting their frustration for years about the lack of good quality, high-speed internet in the town and although there have been announcements of numerous upgrades to the exchanges, areas like Westerwood are still dealing with slow spots.

Those who have broadband in Cumbernauld are still unhappy with the low speeds and many people are raising the issue with their local politicians to try and encourage more improvements.

There seems to be a north/south divide in the town, with properties south of the M80 getting good to excellent speeds, while those in the north are still struggling with speeds as low as less than 1Mbps.The areas that have been hit the hardest by slow spots are the areas around the M80 and Eastfield Road.

These areas are receiving speeds of no more than 2Mbps, something that has caused concern and irritation among residents. Hopefully, future upgrades of exchanges serving properties to the north of the M80 will ensure that the town’s digital connectivity is no longer a ‘tale of two cities’ and that some level of parity is achieved.

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Comments (3)

3rd January 2015

Only Virgin where its available gives goods speeds, other companies piggyback BT so basically you get the BT speed which is dependent on your distance from the exchange in South Carbrain. 2miles from that exchange and most definitely you are in serious problems. So if with BT you cant get a good speed then don't bother trying companies that just piggyback BT. I wonder what satellite speeds are like, I believe they use that method in the highland and islands.

Im hitting my head off the wall now because I cant post this since there are connection interruptions.

2nd May 2014

Hi Pat

Can you send me your postcode and the postcode of the house or street nearby that has fibre? I can then look into this for you.

Hannah - Cable.co.uk

30th April 2014

I'm still experiencing at best something like 1.2 Mbps broadband in the Balloch area of Cumbernauld. It's insufficient for the new wave of video streaming services available today and indeed, once a few devices start to use it, incapable of anything much more than sending/receiving emails and browsing the WWW). I find it very frustrating that a household ten minutes walk away (on the same north side of the M80 in Balloch) has fibre and can achieve speeds well in excess of 12 Mbps. Does anyone know when this injustice is likely to be addressed?

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