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This district is well known for its impressive early 17th Century chapel, which is now a Grade II listed building. But is this Sheffield suburb also well known for its superfast broadband speeds or have its streets yet to be upgraded? Read our broadband in Attercliffe guide to find out.

Attercliffe's infrastructure received a significant boost after the opening of the Sheffield Supertram in the 1980s, which helped it become a more attractive living destination for professionals working in Sheffield city centre. The suburb has been subject to numerous residential developments over the past 10 years, which has contributed to the growth in demand for broadband in the area.

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Close to Sheffield's booming hi-tech and leisure industries

Attercliffe Chapel was built in 1629, long before the industrial growth of Sheffield when Attercliffe was an independent township. The settlement became a small centre for knife manufacturing by the late Georgian era and began to attract commuting families after the opening of the Attercliffe railway station in 1871, by which time Sheffield already contained a population of approximately 240,000 residents.

The suburb is practically within walking distance to Sheffield city centre and is also in close proximity to the University of Sheffield and the city Campus of Sheffield Hallam University. Today, Attercliffe is adjacent to the Don Valley Stadium and is close to The Megacentre, a flourishing conference venue. The area is also home to Fluid HD, one of Britain's most successful production companies, which undoubtedly needs fast, uninterrupted internet access for its operations.

Speeds for broadband to the east of Attercliffe Road are just 1Mbps or so, which is still surprisingly slow for an urban area. Sluggish internet speeds are also evident to the west of Stevenson Road and Brightside Lane, where connections are less than 3Mbps, although faster services of up to 13Mbps have been registered further south near Staniforth Road. Hopefully, there will be further upgrades to broadband in Attercliffe over the next few years to ensure that all residents and businesses in the area can connect to the fastest internet services.

Telephone exchanges in Attercliffe

You can find the Attercliffe telephone exchange at the end of Titterton Street off Britnall Street. The busy B6085 runs close by. Nearby shops and services include Faras, The Don Valley, NOVA Electronics, Indus, and The Snake Shop.

Through the Attercliffe exchange around 25,000 properties receive broadband access and landline telephone services. Of these properties, around 23,000 are residential, while 1,700-odd are businesses. The postcode for the Attercliffe telephone exchange is S9 3TE.

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