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Renowned as the home to some of the most beautiful ceramics in the world, Stoke is an eclectic mix of industry surrounded by rolling countryside. Modern Stoke is well served digitally, so find out more about broadband in Stoke with our handy guide.

Stoke is best known as the heart of the English pottery industry and even today has a thriving colony of artisans working in the craft. Modern Stoke is a fine balance between technology and industry, and both commercial and domestic broadband provision is integral to the continued success of the area.

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From pots to pixels – 21st Century Stoke

Although Stoke is still best known for illustrious names such as Wedgewood and Royal Doulton, much of the industrial process involved in pottery now takes place overseas. Stoke is now home to designers and artisans tasked with creating new patterns – and this means broadband connectivity is essential for them to be able to communicate with their counterparts overseas.

The presence of Vodaphone’s large UK call centre and a host of logistical bases for the retail industry including Sainsbury’s, The Co-Operative Group, Premier Foods and Michelin Tyres also puts a considerable demand on both connectivity and broadband speed.

In response to growing demand from both commercial and domestic users, Stoke has been extremely pro-active in pushing for funding to improve both rural and urban connectivity. They have been successful in attracting an extra £7.4million to improve existing broadband in Stoke, and it is hoped that this initial amount will in turn attract even more funding to make Stoke’s broadband network one of the fastest in the Midlands.

Currently the average reported broadband speed in Stoke is 8.5Mbps, although many residents and businesses would dispute this figure. In some areas such as Fenton speeds can be considerably slower, and both download and upload speeds tend to drop off the further you are from the exchange.

A large slow spot just west of Hanley can cause drop outs and very sluggish speeds during peak times, while residents in Abbey Hulton may find downloading films and streaming video causes that annoying ‘buffering’ sign to make a regular appearance. Hopefully, as fibre optic starts to roll out, urban areas of Stoke such as Bucknell, Boothen and Trent Vale will see even faster broadband speeds.

Areas within Stoke

Abbey Hulton, Alsager, Barlaston, Bentilee, Biddulph, Blurton, Blythe Bridge, Brown Edge, Bucknall, Burslem, Cheadle, Church Leigh, Cobridge, Endon, Fenton, Hanley.

Kidsgrove, Longton, Meir, Mow Cop, Smallthorne, Sneyd Green, Stoke, Talke, Talke Pits, Tean, Tunstall, Werrington, Weston Coyney.

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