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Save £192 with two years free unlimited broadband from SSE

Tuesday, April 28th 2015

SSE is currently offering one of the most competitive broadband deals on the market with two years free unlimited broadband and your choice of call plan – saving £192. For 24 months, you'll just pay line rental at £13.49 per month.

SSE, formerly Scottish and Southern Energy, is best known as an energy provider but also offers a range of standard and fibre broadband services. The two years free deal applies to standard broadband only, while SSE fibre optic broadband is available at two years half-price.

What’s included with SSE broadband?

SEE Everyday broadband is free for 24 months then £8 monthly thereafter. SSE Superfast Fibre meanwhile is half-price for 24 months ( per month) then £20 thereafter. Line rental is charged on all services at £13.49 per month.

Unlimited usage and download speed up to 17Mbps

SSE Everyday is an unlimited broadband service so there is no data cap to restrict your usage. However, the plan is subject to a traffic management policy to control network congestion at peak times. It prioritises time-sensitive services such as video calling and online gaming over other activities like peer-to-peer file sharing that can clog the network and cause slowdown.

SSE Everyday is a standard broadband service with a maximum speed of 17Mbps. This level of speed coupled with unlimited usage is adequate for many internet activities, such as email, shopping, browsing and services like catch up TV.

Inclusive weekend or anytime call plan

SSE Everyday includes a weekend call plan as standard at no extra cost. This features free calls to UK landlines (including 0845 and 0870 numbers) from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday. Calls at other times cost 8.10p per minute plus 13.50p call set-up fee. Line rental is charged at £13.49. Alternatively, you can pay an extra £8 per month to get the Talk Anytime call plan, which also features inclusive calls to 20 international destinations.

Wireless router and subscription to Internet Security Suite

Join SSE and you’ll get a Thomson Technicolor TG582N router, which is a basic wireless model that can connect several devices to your home network at once. New customers also get a free 18-month subscription to the SSE Internet Security Suite (£2 per month thereafter), which provides antivirus and firewall protection along with parental control software both to keep your children safe online and to minimise potential distractions during homework time.

Get Deal

The SSE free broadband deal runs until midnight on 16 September 2015.

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