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Lib Dems vote against Tories' porn-blocking plan

Monday, September 16th 2013 by Hannah Langston
Tory porn-blocking plans rejected by Liberal Democrats

Lib Dem members have rejected plans from the Conservatives to automatically block online pornography.

Government plans that would force broadband providers to block online pornography unless account-holders 'opt in' to access it could be derailed by the Liberal Democrats.

At the party's conference in Glasgow, members chose to vote against the controversial measure, with some arguing it is "illiberal" and would not work in practice.

The move leaves the Lib Dems at odds with their Conservative partners in the coalition government. Tories, including Prime Minister David Cameron, want the blocking of internet pornography to be the default option.

Under the proposals, new customers would see the filters turned on automatically, while existing users would be contacted by their internet service provider and asked whether or not they want them to be activated.

Ahead of the vote, Lib Dem Peer and former children's television presenter Floella Benjamin urged members to back the proposals, stressing that they are designed to protect youngsters from pornography and other inappropriate material.

"Arguments about opt in, censorship or freedom of expression are simply not applicable here," she insisted. "This pandemic crosses a sacred line - although the internet is a wonderful resource, it also has a dark side."

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16th September 2013

"Arguments about opt in, censorship or freedom of expression are simply not applicable here,"

No, Arguments about censorship and freedom of expression are very important here and claiming its ok to trample over these important rights because its 'For the children' when its patently not. is quite frankly, immoral, irrational and implying the British people are too stupid to read what this is really about.. Floella Benjamin should be thoroughly ashamed of herself for spouting this falsehoods.

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