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Post Office has confirmed a price hike - should you switch?

Monday, March 12th 2018 by Oprah Flash

One thing we can all guarantee these days is a price hike. Whether it’s your local supermarket raising the price of a loaf of bread or your local making it pricier than usual to get your favourite pint, it’s inevitable.

Broadband is no different and the Post Office has confirmed it is increasing the cost of its broadband and calls packages from Tuesday 1 May.

Right now, if you have the Broadband Essentials package with download speeds up to 17Mbps, you’ll be paying £25 a month. From the start of May this will go up to by £2 to £27 a month. If you’ve got an unlimited or faster package there’ll be a pound difference. Unlimited Broadband is going from £28 a month to £29 a month, Unlimited Fibre Broadband is going up to £37 a month and Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus will become £42 a month.

You’ll notice call charges go up as well. Inclusive evening and weekend calls will go up to £4 a month and anytime calls will be £9 a month.

Overall if you are on the Essential Broadband plan with anytime calls you’ll you end up paying an extra £36 over the course of a year.

The Post Office promise you won’t see any changes to your bill if you signed up through a promotional offer.

If you’re an existing Post Office customer you should have received a letter, just after Thursday 1 March, telling you all about the price changes. If a few extra pounds is nothing to you, then don’t worry you can continue to receive your service. If not, you’ve got a 30-day window after receiving your letter to switch to another provider without being charged an early termination penalty.

Who can I switch to?

If the news of the price hike hasn’t put you off and you’re still thinking of signing up to the Post Office, you’ll pay £19 a month for Unlimited Broadband with speeds up to 17Mbps or £28 a month for Unlimited Fibre Broadband with speeds up to 38Mbps. The first of which has no set-up fee whereas you’ll have to pay £25 a month for a fibre connection.

The fastest broadband package that the Post Office currently offers give syou download speeds up to 76 Mbps for £32 a month. All of these packages span a 24-month contract.

It’s up to you whether you stay with the Post Office or shop around. If you’ve currently got a standard ADSL connection which gives you speeds up to 17Mbps and want a like-for-like package, TalkTalk is currently offering the cheapest deal.

Over an 18-month contract for speeds up to 17Mbps you’ll pay £17 a month through TalkTalk with no set-up fee. For the same speeds but on a more flexible basis, NOW Broadband is charging £18 a month for a standard broadband connection on a 30-day rolling contract.

While these deals may be cheap, if you’re willing to part with a few extra pounds each month you could get a fibre broadband connection with faster speeds. Vodafone is currently supplying download speeds up to 38Mbps for £21 a month with no set-up fee.

If it’s freebies that help sway your decision on which provider to choose, then BT is your best bet. It offers a range of cashback with its broadband deals. This week, you can get £100 cashback when you sign up to BT Unlimited Broadband for £23.99 a month, £150 cashback with Unlimited Infinity 1 (up to 52Mbps) for £29.99 a month or a whopping £175 cashback with the Unlimited Infinity 2 for £39.99 a month. The set-up fees vary for each package but they all will lock you in to a minimum term 18-month contract.

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