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The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with unlimited data from EE

Monday, November 13th 2017 by Oprah Flash

EE is currently the only mobile provider in the UK offering the Apple Watch Series 3 on a pay monthly contract.

The provider stocks three versions of the Apple Watch Series 3, which all come with unlimited data for a £25 monthly charge over two years.

The first has a 38mm aluminium case and comes in three colours, Gold with a Pink Sand sport band, Silver with a Fog sport band and Space Grey with Black sport band. For this watch there is no upfront price to pay. To make calls and send texts from all of the watches you’ll share the tariff from your phone allowance.

The second version, the Apple Watch Nike+ with a 38mm aluminum case, is perfect if you’re looking for a device to match your workout gear with a more sporty look. It is also £25 a month with no upfront fee.

This comes with either a Space Gray aluminum case with a Black Nike sport band or a Silver aluminium case with a choice of Pure Platinum or a Black Nike sport band.

For the Apple Watch Series 3 with a 42mm aluminium case there is an upfront cost of £29.99. You’ll get all the same benefits of the watches mentioned above just a slightly larger watch face.

The third is the snazzier version of the Apple Watch with a 38mm stainless steel strap and white sport band. You’ll still pay £25 a month but will have to cough up a £129.99 upfront. For the larger 42mm stainless steel case its the same monthly fee over a 24 month contract but with an upfront cost of £159.

All of the watches come with 16GB of storage and have GPS and Bluetooth connectivity

To use the watch you’ll need an iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or later models of the iPhone running the latest iOS. You’ll have to link it to the same EE account that your iPhone is on, so it will not work if your are not the lead name on the account.

Marc Allera, the ceo of EE, said: “Apple Watch 3’s cellular capabilities are a huge breakthrough for EE customers – allowing them to leave their EE iPhone at home but stay connected using the same number so they can still make calls and receive messages while out for a run or heading to the shops.

“With free access to 40 million tracks on Apple Music, free BT Sport, and inclusive EU roaming, EE is the number one destination for those wanting to make the most from their new Apple devices.”

The Apple Watch is available on a pay monthly contract from EE

Is the Apple Watch Series 3 for me?

The smartwatch acts as an extension of your phone allowing you to carry out your regular activities without having your actual phone in your hand. You just sync the watch to your own phone and use it when you’re out and about. It’s perfect for active people and those who are always on the go.

You can use the watch to answer calls, send texts or ask Siri to set a reminder during your morning jog or mid afternoon yoga class.

You’ll have access to all the music stored on your phone and can listen to your tracks on the go. If you’re worried you’ll miss an important email or Facebook post, there is no need as you can still receive all your app notifications without having your phone nearby.

The device enables 4G Calling and Wifi Calling on EE’s extensive 4G network.

If you’re planning your New Year’s resolution to include more gym time and harder workouts the Apple Watch Series 3 could be the ideal investment.

Along with keeping you on track with with your calls and notifications, you can download apps that will monitor your heart rate, breath rate and activity levels. The GPS and Altimeter will allow you to keep on top of your running distances and goals.

It is also water resistant and can be used when swimming.

How to use it

Once you get your watch you can sync it to your iPhone using the Apple Watch Series 3 app on your phone. You just need to follow the instructions that will pop up and then your devices will be paired.

You won’t need a SIM card as the device already has an eSIM that is automatically downloaded and activated as part of the set-up process.

The £25 a month plan includes unlimited data so will not affect the data allowances from your phone’s tariff. You’ll only use your phone’s data plan if you connect the watch to your iPhone using Bluetooth.

If you're wondering how to connect earphones to the watch while running, you'll need Apple's wireless Airpods. They connect to the watch using Bluetooth and you can change the track or volume by double tapping the screen to activate Siri. The Airpods have a RRP of £159 so it's quite a pricey investment.

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