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Asda Mobile extends number transfer deadline

Thursday, May 1st 2014 by Hannah Langston

Asda Mobile customers who wish to keep their phone number have been given an extra month to transfer it to the company’s new network, after many customers reported problems in completing the process.

Asda Mobile began transferring its services from the Vodafone network to EE’s network in October and completed the switchover yesterday (30 April).

Customers were told they would need to get a PAC code – required to transfer an existing mobile number over to a new network – from Asda before 30 April. Without a PAC code customers would lose their mobile number once they switched to the new network.

However, an Asda Mobile spokesperson told Cable.co.uk that customers now have until the end of May to request their PAC codes. Asda said customers will need to request a PAC before 25 May, because the process takes five days. Customers will not be able to transfer their old number after 31 May.

Asda Mobile extended its deadline after customers experienced problems requesting their PAC code through the telephone helpline. Cable.co.uk received more than 60 comments in the last week about the service.

Margaret Pritchard from Birkenhead has been trying to contact Asda to get her old number transferred for the past three weeks. “I have phoned six different numbers, all to no avail. It’s either no answer or when they do answer they keep you on hold for ages and then cut you off. Frustrated isn’t the word,” she commented.

Jayne Richardson from Cumbria has been with Asda Mobile for the last five years. After switching to the new EE network she experienced loss of coverage and decided to leave, but like others found it difficult to obtain a PAC code.

“I phoned for my PAC code but was put on hold for 40 minutes, before giving up. At the next attempt I got through to their customer services, and was told that when I moved over to EE my old number hadn’t been transferred properly so I couldn't have my PAC code and would need to speak to Asda Vodafone – cue being left on hold again.”

An Asda spokesperson said: “We know that over the past couple of days some customers have been having difficulties getting hold of their PAC number to switch from the old Asda Mobile network to the new one. We understand this has been frustrating and we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused people.

“We’ve done everything we can to put things right and have set up our own, in-house, customer service line to help customers through the options open to them and help them get set up on the new network.

“We would like to reassure all customers that they will not lose any credit or their number.”

Cable.co.uk first reported problems with the switchover in January. Customers posting on the site complained of long waiting times on the helpline, delays in numbers being transferred across and being unable to unlock phones.

At the time, an Asda spokesperson said there had been a few “technical anomalies”, which meant some customers “didn’t have an experience which meets our usual high standards.” The supermarket chain announced in March it had trebled the number of staff in its call centre and claimed 90% of calls would be answered within 20 seconds.

Ofcom told us it was monitoring the Asda Mobile migration to EE. In light of the recent porting difficulties, an Ofcom spokesperson said, “we have been in contact with Asda to get to the bottom of these latest issues and find out how it is addressing the problem to the satisfaction of its customers”.

Customers wishing to transfer their new number to the EE network can contact a dedicated Asda team on 0845 303 2732. Those who have credit remaining on the old network can call 0800 479 8707 to register their details on the Asda Mobile website.

Comments (13)

Mrs Doreen Bateman
22nd February 2015

I have had my Asda mobile unlocked but still not working so it must be the sim card was told I have to get a sim compatible with the phone is this right?

15th January 2015

I was just about to transfer to ASDA but I am so glad to have seen all these comments about the switch to EE. I'll go elsewhere . Thank you to all contributors. TTFN ASDA.

vince fox
14th May 2014

keep telling me that vodaphone are at fault and just be patient,yeah right,having already waited nine days i intend to contact ofcom to sort these monkeys out.asda mobile not fit for purpose will be so glad to be shot of these losers.

7th May 2014

PAC Code requested on May 1st. No news yet.

Bill Carver
7th May 2014

Success at last: yesterday (6th May) I got through almost immediately on Asda's 08453032732 number and was able to ask for a PAC code to be emailed to me 'within 5 days'. Now eagerly awaiting it, hoping that they are as good as their word, given past experience. For anyone doing the same I would advise using a landline, as during the conversation they ask for the number printed on the Asda sim card, involving opening your mobile and extracting it. Of course this would disconnect you if you were using your mobile to make the call! If you choose to use your mobile make a note of this (long) number. They also ask for details of the date of your last top-up, and amount. Asda try to push you towards EE, so when asked if you wish to transfer to this service say 'no' as it's absurdly expensive for PAYG customers, at 35p/minute compared with Giffgaff's 10p, for example. It will be a huge relief to say goodbye to Asda and its high-handed tactics, never to shop there or have anything to do with them again!

Alan Clipstone
3rd May 2014

I can't top up my old sim, can't top up my new EE sim, can't get through to either number given to me by ASDA to obtain my PAC, and now have no credit on either sim card to phone their laugh-ably named "help" line! And I have not yet received a reply from the text that I sent, which they claim to reply to within 48 hours. Went to the ASDA Livingston store last week-end, and a very helpful guy called LIAM, phoned the ASDA number, and the EE number and gave up on both after holding-on for about an hour on each number. If I can't keep my old number I'll need new business cards, headed notepaper, and all adverts for my business are defunct! Who's paying for that? Why did they not switch networks and send everyone their PAC number with the new SIM card? I'll bet that the majority of customers would have wanted their original number anyway? What a totally disastrous, and c*** service!

3rd May 2014

I spent hours, many hours over several days trying to get through to ASDA to no avail, finally I managed to get through yesterday , May 1st, and requested my PAC No, I inserted my EE SIM card to transfer the PAC and old No to EE only to have "SIM not Valid", I then replaced EE SIM with the ASDA SIM only to have "SIM card registration failed" so now I can't get in touch with either ASDA or EE. Enough is enough, I went to Sainsburys to join their network, purchased a new phone and SIM and gave details of PAC to Sainsburys network only to be told that I would have to get a new PAC from EE so that I can have my old No transferred, Totally unbelievable, it's now the early hours of Saturday morning and with it being the bank holiday I doubt very much that any thing can be done before Tuesday, and I expect it will be some time before anything is resolved, I've got a nasty feeling that I've seen the last of my 'old No', something that I've had for over twenty years.

Shame on you ASDA, shame on you EE.

2nd May 2014

I started phoning asda on the 18th of may to recoup my unused money and to keep the same phone number, it was a complete waste of time I could not get through to anyone and the annoying music was an absolute nightmare on the last night of phoning which was on Monday 28th April they kept me on the line for over 2hours and I still didn't get it sorted the tariff might be cheap but so is the after sales service aaaagh!

2nd May 2014


2nd May 2014

Hi all

Asda have now updated their website with information for customers experiencing issues.

Hannah - Cable.co.uk

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