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Average UK household has 7.4 internet-connected devices

Friday, April 10th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

The average UK household now owns 7.4 devices connected to the internet, according to a study.

The Digital Adspend report by the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that smartphones are the most common internet-enabled device with an average of 1.7 per household.

UK homes have an average of 1.3 laptops and 1.2 tablets, one games console, 0.6 desktop computers and 0.5 connected TVs.

40% of homes now own one tablet, 19% have two and 11% own three or more.

The report, which looks at the amount of money spent on digital advertising in 2014, includes analysis of people's mobile devices as part of its research into how they view digital advertising.

With smartphones accounting for nearly eight in 10 (78%) handsets, mobile advertising grew 63% to £1.62 billion in 2014.

Mobile now accounts for 23% of all digital advertising spend – up from 16% in 2013.

“Advertisers are increasing their digital budgets to reach people as they go online through an increasing array of devices,” said Tim Elkington, chief strategy officer at the Internet Advertising Bureau.

“It’s a win-win for consumers, because digital advertising pays for the wide range of free online services they increasingly rely on in their daily lives, but don’t necessarily want to pay much for.”

The study, carried out by YouGov, asked consumers how much they are willing to pay for various online services.

It found that the average British adult is willing to pay a maximum of £1.53 a month for their email service, £1.33 to use search engines, £1.10 for video content, 92p for news websites, 88p for social media, 55p for online games and 52p for price comparison sites.

Significant growth

Dan Bunyan, senior manager at PwC, said there remained significant growth opportunities to be exploited on both mobile and tablet devices.

“These are the two areas where ownership and usage is extremely high but where advertising investment is disproportionately low,” he said.

“For instance, over half of web pages are viewed via mobile phones but they account for just 23% of digital spend.”

Cable.co.uk has previously reported that the amount of internet-connected devices would increase to 50bn by 2020, according to Ericsson.

Ramneek Bali, a technical solutions manager for the company, said 5G mobile technology would connect all of these devices.

"This technology is going enable all of that. Connected devices, high throughput, another area we are looking into is TV everywhere," he said

“More and more people are consuming media on their devices, so we are looking at use cases where TV should be part of the 5G.”

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