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Be Broadband planning network overhaul to prepare for IPv6

Friday, October 7th 2011 by Paul France
Be Broadband unveils network overhaul plans

The project is set to start in early 2012 and will last for around half a year.

Be Broadband has announced a major overhaul of its core broadband network.

A statement posted on the internet service provider's (ISP's) official blog explained it will kick off the project towards the start of 2012, with the work set to focus on preparing for the impending transition to IPv6.

This process will also have the benefit of increasing the resiliency of Be's infrastructure, meaning fewer customers are set to be affected by the occasional outages that affect the network, as well as paving the way for it to introduce more advanced broadband services.

As the core network rollout gets underway, the ISP will need to begin migrating subscribers from its existing infrastructure, which is rented from telecoms giant BT.

When this occurs, customers will be faced with a small amount of broadband downtime and will also find their IP address has changed.

Be Broadband accepted this process will be a slight inconvenience but insisted it will do everything within its power to ensure any impact is kept to a minimum.

It is believed that once the project is underway, it will be completed within six to seven months, including the change of dynamic and static IP addresses.

"As the migration takes place we'll be supporting both new and 'old' static IP addresses for 30 days, allowing everyone plenty of time to make the move when their turn comes," the ISP explained.

"We'll also be changing the way we provide static IP addresses, bringing us in line with industry best practice and helping those customers who choose to source and configure their own routers."

Be has been working on plans to roll out its first fibre broadband service, but admitted last month that the commercial launch is unlikely to take place this year as originally proposed due to delays with finding a network partner.

The company is now looking to develop a solution that relies on Be creating more of the infrastructure itself. 

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