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Best broadband deals for August 2017

Monday, August 21st 2017 by Dan Howdle

Cable.co.uk has today announced its top picks for the month of August from its complete range of broadband deals currently available in the UK.

Cable.co.uk has become synonymous with broadband comparison, but now, for the first time, its in-house consumer telecoms expert Dan Howdle, along with members of its crack deals-wrangling unit have hand-picked this month’s best in four categories: Cheapest broadband deal, best superfast, best without a landline and the one which has the most generous set of gifts to new customers.

  • First Utility First Broadband

    First Utility
    • Up to speeds: 17Mb download, 1Mb upload
    • Truly unlimited monthly usage
    • Pay for calls made (10p per min)
    No upfront cost and nothing to pay today, Includes £25 Amazon Gift Card & Easy to order online
    £18 .99
    per month See Deal
  • Virgin Media VIVID 100 Fibre Broadband + Weekend Calls

    Virgin Media
    • Up to speeds: 100Mb download, 6Mb upload
    • Unlimited monthly usage
    • Weekend calls included
    Save £156 over 12 months & Pay nothing today
    £45 after 12 mths includes line rental See Deal
  • Virgin Media VIVID 50 Fibre Broadband

    Virgin Media
    • Up to speeds: 50Mb download, 3Mb upload
    • Unlimited monthly usage
    • No calls (no line rental to pay)
    Pay nothing today
    per month See Deal
  • BT Unlimited Infinity 1 + Weekend Calls

    • Up to speeds: 52Mb download, 10Mb upload
    • Truly unlimited monthly usage
    • Weekend calls included
    £150 Reward Card, Pay nothing today & Save £186 over 12 months
    £31 .99
    £47.49 after 12 mths includes line rental See Deal

Cheapest broadband deal

Barely scraping in below a similar deal from Plusnet, but scraping in regardless is this deal from First Utility. First Utility is relatively new to the broadband market, having begun selling exclusively to its own energy customers since May of this year.

Now available to everybody who has a landline, First Broadband from First Utility is currently the cheapest deal in the country.

Best superfast deal

This middle-of-range broadband deal from Virgin Media weighs in at 100Mb – plenty fast for even large, data-hungry households, and Virgin will throw in free weekend calls from your landline.

All Virgin Media deals are ‘fibre’, though as with most other providers the network is part-fibre, part copper. Virgin Media also offers a variety of upgrades should you wish to double your speed, expand your call package, add TV or even a mobile SIM.

Best broadband without a phone line

Virgin Media is currently the only provider to offer broadband without a phone line (beyond satellite broadband and other fringe solutions).

This deal is £33 per month – £1 more expensive than the deal above this one, which is also twice as fast and has free weekend calls.

According to our experts this is because Virgin Media feels it is commercially beneficial for it if you should have a phone line and so is charging a premium if you elect not to.

Best broadband deal with free gifts

BT’s unlimited Infinity 1 package comes in at 52Mb, a speed only offered by BT as a provider. According our experts, 52Mbps should suffice for households of between four and six people.

It also offers a free weekend calling package with this deal, while the big draw of this BT unlimited Infinity fibre deal is the £125 cash-back, which comes in the form of a pre-paid Mastercard, which customers can spend anywhere that takes Mastercard.

To see every deal currently available where you live, you can visit our comprehensive broadband deals comparison page.

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