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These are the best Black Friday broadband deals so far

Thursday, November 23rd 2017 by Oprah Flash

Once again it’s that time of year when we copy our cousins across the pond and celebrate Black Friday.

If you’re anything like us you’re a little bit tired of being bombarded with deals persuading you to spend your hard earned cash on stuff you don’t really need, when your Christmas Shopping list is already as long as your arm.

Broadband is a little different, for many UK households it’s almost as important as gas and electric so now is a good time to shop around for a deal that’s kind on your wallet but still suits the online browsing requirements of you and your family.

You can get a fibre broadband package for £20 a month from Vodafone or a basic broadband and TV package for even less from TalkTalk.

Last year the providers were feeling slightly more generous and gave away tech goodies like TV’s and laptops. This year it’s all about the cash reward cards.

Broadband from £16.49 a month

This Black Friday the cheapest basic broadband plan you can get is Origin’s Unlimited Broadband package for £16.49 over an 18-month contract. The deal expires on Thursday 30 November so you’ve got exactly a week to sign up. The setup is free and you'll get speeds up to 17Mbps. When Black Friday is over the price goes back up to £18.49 a month.

We can’t fault this package, it’s perfect if you’re just looking for a get-the-job-done internet connection and only carry out basic tasks like shopping, checking Facebook or watching your favourite blogger on YouTube.

This provider also has a supersaver option so if you’re willing to pay £154.99 upfront, you won’t have any monthly payments to worry about for the first 12 months. This may not be ideal when you’ve got to fork out for Christmas pressies but it would save you money in the long run – £42.84.

Direct Save is second in the rankings for cheapest basic broadband. On a 12-month contract Direct Save is offering you download speeds up to 17Mbps with unlimited usage for £17.95 a month.

This is not strictly a Black Friday deal as it's available all year round, but is still one of the cheapest ways to get a basic internet connection.

Broadband plans are available from as little as £16.49 in the Black Friday sales

Some of more popular names in broadband also have some good deals up their sleeves right now and have added cashback to entice you to sign up now.

Sky’s Unlimited Broadband package is currently £18 a month for a minimum term of 12 months and but there is an activation cost of £19.95. There’s also the added bonus of a £50 reward card which comes in handy with Christmas just around the corner, assuming you're able to claim the thing that quickly.

Plusnet is giving away £75 cashback with its basic broadband plan. From now until next Tuesday (28 November) the provider’s basic broadband package costs £18.99 a month as part of an 18-month contract.

All of these deals are broadband only and include line-rental so you can make calls but will have to pay per minute.

  • Sky Unlimited Broadband

    • Up to 17Mb download speed
    • Truly unlimited monthly usage
    • Pay as you go calls
    Free £75 reward card
    £9.95 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal
  • Plusnet Unlimited Broadband

    • Up to 17Mb download speed
    • Truly unlimited monthly usage
    • Pay as you go calls
    £18 .99
    Zero set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

Fibre broadband from £20 a month

There is nothing worse than having your screen frozen by the loading wheel of doom just as you’re in the middle of binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix. For just a few extra pounds a month you can get a fibre broadband connection which is definitely worth your while if there are more than two of you at home.

The cheapest by far for 38Mbps fibre broadband is Vodafone’s offering for £20 a month. There is no upfront cost, the contract lasts 18 months and you have until Monday 27 November before the offer ends. We are very excited by this deal as it’s even cheaper than Vodafone’s own basic broadband package, which is currently £25 a month.

Next in line is Plusnet’s deal for £22.99 a month. It is very similar to Vodafone’s offer as you’ll be entered into an 18-month contract and pay nothing upfront. Plusnet has given you just one day longer than Vodafone to get your hands on the deal as it expires on Tuesday 28 November.

For Black Friday both TalkTalk and Sky have reduced their unlimited 38Mbps fibre broadband packages to £25 a month over an 18-month minimum term contract. While TalkTalk’s offering initially appears cheaper because it has dropped the activation fee, Sky’s deal includes a £50 cash reward card which makes up for the £29.95 upfront set-up cost.

EE’s 38Mbps package at £29 a month is by no means the cheapest broadband plan you can get this Black Friday but is still worth a mention. It has extended its offer until Friday 7 December, giving you more time to make up your mind and has thrown in a £75 cash reward card to sweeten the deal.

As standard protocol with all of its broadband plans you get a 5GB data boost if you’re an EE Mobile customer. The contract spans 18 months and there’s no setup fee.

BT is the king of cashback this year. In an offer exclusive to Cable.co.uk you’ll get £150 cashback (as opposed to £100 if you go directly to BT) when you sign up to the BT Infinity 1 plan with speeds up to 52Mbps at £29.99 a month.

Setup is a one-off £9.99 fee and the deal also includes free BT Sport for the length of the 18-month contract. This comes just in time for you watch England face Australia in The Ashes this winter.

Yes, you will pay slightly more each month than the other packages available, but you’ll get faster speeds up to 52Mbps plus the added freebies.

You can get free BT Sport with BT's broadband and TV deals this Black Friday

Broadband and TV from £18.95

The cheapest way to get a TV and broadband bundle this Black Friday is through TalkTalk for £18.95 a month. The bundle offers you broadband speeds up to 17Mbps and Freeview channels on a yearly contract. For Black Friday the provider has waived the £25 setup fee.

For more channels to choose from you can pay £24.95 a month and get broadband, a TV Plus Box and 30 extra entertainment channels. The deal is only available until Thursday 30 November. You get 136 channels with the added entertainment channels including Comedy Central, Nat Geo Wild and Sky Living.

You’ll be able to access Netflix through your TV but will have to get your own subscription to use the service.

BT is feeling very generous this Black Friday season and has bolstered its broadband and TV package with £100 cashback – plus an extra £50 if you go through Cable.co.uk. Each month you’ll pay £23.99 on an 18-month contract and will get free BT Sport for a year and a half.

Now TV has reduced its broadband and TV by £5 for the sales weekend. It now costs £19.99 a month over the first year with a one-off £10 activation fee. After the first year the monthly charge goes up to £32.99. This includes more than 80 Freeview channels plus some additional Sky TV channels including Sky Atlantic.

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