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The best SIM-only deals for your new iPhone X this Christmas

Wednesday, December 20th 2017 by Oprah Flash

Christmas is so close now there is a permanent smell of mince pies and turkey dinners in the air.

Presents have started to accumulate under the tree and you might be hoping to see an iPhone X-shaped box with your name on it.

If you’re lucky and Santa has brought you a shiny new smartphone for Christmas, you’re going to need a good SIM-only plan to go with it.

The most talked-about flagship phone from Apple packs a range of features like Face ID and wireless charging.

The iPhone X features Apple’s first all-screen design with a 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display with HDR and True Tone. The new handset is splash, water and dust resistant but the feature that has sent iPhone enthusiasts into a frenzy is the new Face ID mechanism than lets you unlock your phone and use Apple Pay simply by glancing at the phone.

To make the most of the stellar phone you’ll need a hefty data plan and a range of providers are offering deals that do just that.

The iPhone X

Asda Mobile: big data, cheap price

As part of its Christmas deal Asda is currently offering one of the cheapest ways of getting a lot of data for not a lot of money. We can safely say it is one of the best value SIM-only deals on the market right now. If you sign up before Tuesday 9 January you can get 12GB of data with unlimited calls and texts for £10 a month.

No other provider is offering that amount of data for just a tenner a month. Apart from packing a whopping 12GB of data, one of the best features of this deal is that there is no contract. The plan runs for 30-days then it’s up to you if you’d like to opt out of the plan the following month.

With an iPhone X or in fact with any smartphone you’ll want to make the most of the device and the tech that’s built into it so you’ll need a decent data tariff to do it. The more data you have the more freedom you have to do a range of activities on your phone. Asda says you can watch up to 30 episodes of Game of Thrones with a monthly allowance of 12GB.

To get a hold of the SIM you can order one from Asda’s website or grab one while you’re doing your shopping in store. Once you’ve got your SIM you just need to top up £10 and text ‘festive’ to 2732 to set your bundle.

If you’re not quite sure about the service you’ll get with Asda Mobile it lets you test run the SIM by giving you 10 texts, 10 minutes and 10MB of data to use to see if you like it. If not, no worries there is no obligation to stay and you can move on to another provider.

Virgin Media: SIM-only flash sale

Virgin Media now has a Flash Sale on a SIM-only plan until midnight tonight. For £15 a month you can get 20GB of data. On top of this you’ll also get 5,000 minutes and unlimited texts.

When you become a Virgin Media mobile customer you’ll the added bonus of using Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter without dipping into your 20GB data tariff. This give you more data for gaming, streaming music and binge-watching even when you’re nowhere near a wi-fi connection.

This is not a Boxing Day deal but it is still a good one so if you’re predicting that you’ll get a new phone for Christmas or if you are giving one as a present you could take advantage of this sale now.

Unlike Asda Mobile, Virgin Media’s offering is not a rolling contract so there is less flexibility. You enter a minimum term contract of 12-months when you sign up for this deal so you can’t cancel for the first year but it is still kinder on your bank balance than a pay-monthly phone contract.

You probably won’t need it if you’ve got 20GB but Virgin Media offers the chance to change your data plan during your contract to suit your needs. You can go up for more data and minutes or down if you’re trying to save money.

Sadly this is only available for a limited time and after the clock strikes 12 the prices goes back up to £24 a month.

The iPhone 8 was released just before the iPhone X and is also well sort after

O2: 20GB for £20 a month with cinema discounts

For double the cost of what Asda Mobile is offering you can get 20GB a month from O2. Tesco Mobile, which piggybacks on O2’s network, also has the same 20GB for £20 deal.

With O2 you’ll get unlimited texts and calls rather than being limited to 5,000 as you would with Tesco Mobile, plus O2 is giving away a cinema pass with discounts on movie tickets throughout the 12 months of your contract.

You’ll have to get your best Mystic Meg vibes going and preempt receiving a new iPhone for Christmas because this deal runs out at midnight tonight. After this, the price goes up to £33 a month.

BT Mobile: Free £95 reward card

With BT Mobile you’ll pay slightly more than £20 but you’ll get some enticing freebies to make up for it. With The Ultimate Plus SIM Plan you get 20GB for £22 a month.

The provider is giving away a free £95 reward card which you can spend at any shop or retailer that accepts Mastercard. Once you’ve filled in the claim form it will take 60 days to arrive at your door so you won’t get it in time for Christmas but it could come in handy in the New Year.

You also get free access to the BT Sport app so you can watch the Premier League and the Emirates FA cup on the go.

This deal is available until Friday 22 December, after which the data allowance will go down to 15GB, which is still a sizeable amount of data and should be enough to still be able to use your new phone to its full potential.

If it’s not just you in your household getting a fancy gadget for Christmas, BT offers discounts for buying more than one data-heavy SIM. For two 20GB SIM-only plans you’ll pay £37 a month and its £50 for three.

The iPhone 7

Vodafone: Red Entertainment

Vodafone has two data-heavy SIM-only plans to look into and both come with its Red Entertainment bonus features. They are not the cheapest on the market but you do get a free subscription that could save you up to £100 a year.

For £19 a month you can get 16GB of data with unlimited texts and calls. This is a decent amount of data but if you think 20GB is the right amount for you then Vodafone is offering a 20GB tariff for £23 a month. This also will have the unlimited calls and texts.

Both plans are on a 12-month contract so you will be locked in for at least a year once you’ve signed up but during this time you’ll also get a subscription to either NOW TV, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV. A NOW TV Entertainment pass usually costs £7.99 a month so you’ll make a saving of just over £95 for the year.

Three: 30GB for £20 a month

Last but definitely not least is Three. They have three big data SIM-only packages that would work well with your new iPhone X.

The first is 30GB of data for £20 a month. It’s in line pricewise with the other packages that have been mentioned further up but offers at least 10GB more data.

You’ll get 'all-you-can-eat' (unlimited) calls and texts as well as the chance to use your phone as a Personal Hotspot.

The plan lasts 12 months but you'll have noticed by now that many of the better value packages do tie you into some form of contract. Do not be put off by that though, with this deal you’re getting a sizeable amount of data for a relatively good price and it will complement your new phone quite well.

The second is a whopping 100GB for £27. This is an insane amount of data and we can promise that you’ll struggle to use it all up even if you’re an avid gamer or love to watch TV on the go. This also includes all-you-can-eat calls and texts as well as a 30GB personal hotspot.

If this still isn’t enough for you Three has a all-you-can-eat data SIM-only tariff for £30 a month. Just as it sound you’ll get unlimited data usage each month for the length of your 12-month contract.

On top of all this you’ll have access to Three’s Go Binge feature. This means you can watch Netflix and TVPlayer as well as stream music on Deezer and SoundCloud to your heart’s content without ever dipping into your standard data allowance.

Popular SIM-only deals

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