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Blade Runner 2049 available as early release to buy and keep on Sky Store

Wednesday, January 31st 2018 by Mike Whitehead

Now you can see things your friends wouldn’t believe, with Blade Runner 2049 available to buy and keep on Sky Store.

35 years after Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) hunted down replicants - androids that look and behave exactly like humans - across a dystopian Los Angeles, the highly anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi cult classic finally arrived in cinemas last October, accruing 259m USD at the box-office worldwide.

This time we follow Ryan Gosling, a Blade Runner who uncovers a secret that threatens to instigate a war between humans and replicants.

The film has just received five nominations for the upcoming 90th Academy Awards and eight nominations for the 71st BAFTA Awards ceremony to be held later this month.

But if you were too busy planning your trick or treat route maps or gearing up for bonfire night and missed this trip to the cinema then worry not – Sky’s got this covered for you. Blade Runner 2049 is now available to buy and keep on Sky Store from as little as £9.99.

Available with or without a Sky TV subscription, Sky Store lets you buy, watch and keep the biggest movie blockbusters and TV shows on your Buy & Keep compatible Sky+HD Box, Sky Q Box, mobile, tablet, PC, Mac, NOW TV or Roku Box. All your purchases are stored in your Planner or in the Sky Store app so they’re available whenever you want.

Is your Sky box compatible?

You can also purchase a DVD or Blu-ray copy, which Sky Store will send to you in the post. For Blade Runner 2049 the HD Digital version is available for £9.99, the HD version + DVD is available for £13.99 and the HD version + Blu-ray is available for £16.99. Both the DVD and Blu-ray copies will be released on 5 February 2018.

Want to check if your Sky box is compatible with Sky Store Buy & Keep?

If you have a Sky Q box then you’re ready to rock as all Sky Q boxes are compatible. If not, first, you need to have a Sky+HD box connected to your broadband and then you need to check your service settings and highlight your system details. Make a note of your version number – if it starts ‘4F31’ then your all ready. If not, you can upgrade your box by visiting the Sky Shop website.

If you’ve never had the Sky Store service before but fancy taking the plunge here’s how you do it - depending on your Sky TV subscription you can access Sky Store through the TV Guide on your Sky box. Alternatively, you can sign-up online via the skystore.com website. Once you’ve completed the process you need to link your Sky Store Account with your Sky TV Account.

You can also do this on the skystore.com site, under ‘My Account’ select ‘Link My Account’ and follow the instructions. You’ll need either your 12-digit Sky Account number or your bank account to confirm everything so probably best to keep one or both of them to hand.

If Blade Runner 2049’s not really your cup of tea there’s lots of other new movie releases to select from including The Lego Ninjago Movie, period drama Victoria & Abdul or if you fancy some action there’s American Made starring Tom Cruise. If TV Box Sets are more your thing then you can settle in for some serious binge watching with series such as Peaky Blinders Season 4 or Breaking Bad season 2.

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