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Broadband 'becoming prominent on political agenda'

Friday, October 23rd 2009 by Cable.co.uk

Broadband-related issues are becoming increasingly important to voters, an expert has claimed.

Many people are beginning to judge political parties on their broadband-related policies, it has been suggested.

According to John Russell, editor at DailyMusicGuide.com, the stance that certain organisations take on web-related issues could prove to have an impact on their success at the polls.

This is exemplified by the current issue of filesharing, he explained, as research by the Open Rights Group recently highlighted that less people would vote for a party that supported the disconnection of persistent offenders.

Nearly 70 per cent also stated that evidence of the activity should be considered in court of law if the government's plans get the green light.

Mr Russell said: "Current government proposals should signal a warning for those parties seeking to be elected to steer well clear of the issue.

"Any party attempting to win votes on this issue will ultimately have to endorse filesharing; the cost of publicly announcing policy the other way could be detrimental."

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