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Broadband largely overlooked in Budget 2013

Thursday, March 21st 2013 by Paul France
Budget 2013 contains little news on broadband

This year's Budget contained little in the way of broadband news.

Chancellor George Osborne delivered this year's Budget yesterday (March 20th 2013), but anyone hoping for news of further investment in broadband will have been left disappointed.

Mr Osborne made little reference to the technology in his Budget speech, except to state that the government is giving Britain "the fastest broadband and mobile telephony in Europe".

However, the politician's claims paint a different picture to a recent study published by Ofcom, comparing the UK with France, Germany, Italy and Spain on a range of broadband-related factors.

Although the UK performed strongly in areas such as fixed and mobile broadband take-up and internet usage, super-fast broadband coverage was found to be lagging behind both Germany and Spain at 65 per cent of homes and businesses.

Aside from Mr Osborne's brief nod to broadband, the only other mention of the technology in this year's Budget came on page 15 of the accompanying Infrastructure Update Plan.

The document stated that "approximately 15" of the local broadband projects to be carried out under the Broadband Delivery UK framework are now underway, with all project contracts set to be in place by the end of this summer.

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