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Broadband to be rolled out in the Arctic

Monday, July 15th 2013 by Hannah Langston
Broadband to be rolled out in the Arctic

High-speed web connections could soon be on offer in the Arctic.

High-speed web connections could soon be available in one of the world's most remote areas - the Arctic.

The Norwegian Space Center believes there is a growing need to deploy broadband infrastructure in the region and it is collaborating with Telenor Satellite Broadcasting to see whether or not it could be achieved, the Associated Press reports.

It is hoped that a new satellite system could be created in order to extend broadband coverage to the Arctic, which would be funded with money from both the public and private sectors. This could potentially be up and running in the area within a decade.

Energy company Statoil is particularly keen on the idea, as the industry is starting to look towards the Arctic for new oil and gas supplies.

Ola Anders Skauby, spokesman for the firm, said its plans for the Arctic depend on various issues, including weather conditions, logistics and whether or not operations can be carried out safely.

"Broadband coverage is part of this picture and for operations in some regions further north than where current operations are taking place, development of new solutions for high-capacity broadband will be needed," he commented.

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