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Broadband & TV deal of the week: BT Infinity 52Mb, £100 cashback, free Amazon Echo Dot, BT TV Entertainment

By Dan Howdle
Thursday, December 7th 2017

Our in-house expert, Dan Howdle, picks out the best broadband and TV deal you can lay your hands on this week.

Not long till Christmas now, and let’s be frank, the chances of getting a new broadband deal and being up and running with it by the 25th are becoming increasingly slim. Having said that, there’s no reason you shouldn’t snaffle up this deal or worry about how it might affect your services over Christmas.

Switching broadband and TV provider has never been more seamless. You’ll be with your current provider till the day of the switch and like that *clicks fingers* you’ll be switched over to the new service. Job done. No mess, no fuss. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Simples. Other slogans that all essentially mean the same thing…

BT Infinity 52Mb, £100 cashback, free Amazon Echo Dot, half-price set-up, BT TV Entertainment, free wkd calls, £41.99 p/m

I know you love those juicy freebies, so let’s briefly cover those first. Not only do you get a £100 pre-paid Mastercard to spend wherever you like, you can also claim a free Amazon Echo Dot. Which is one of those talking speaker assistant things you can ask to play songs by Roxy Music or accidentally order 10Kg of margarine. Just remember you’ll need to claim these yourself once you’re up and running. They won’t magically arrive in the post if you don’t.

On the broadband side of things, 52Mbps is plenty. If you’re upgrading from something slower or you’ve enough experience at various speeds to rule-of-thumb what you will and won’t be able to do with it, you probably know that already. For those not in the know – which, let’s be honest, is most of us – what you can do with 52Mbps can be defined as ‘everything’, and what you can’t do defined as ‘nothing’.

But wait. What, then, is the point of broadband at 300Mbps such as that currently offered by Virgin Media? Well, while there are a narrow sliver of potential tasks to which 300Mbps could be a time-saver – downloading huge videogames to a console or PC being the main one – the speed itself does nothing 52Mbps won’t. For example, you can stream Netflix or Amazon or Apple TV or whatever your digital TV service of choice, in high-definition – wait for it – more than six times over.

There’s even enough speed here to stream the incredibly taxing, but pin-sharp picture offered by 4K streaming (if you’ve got a 4K TV, that is), twice over. And all those megabits will be distributed wirelessly about your house by BT’s Smart Hub router – which is probably the best and rangiest router offered by any provider right now.

On the TV side of things you’ll get the the BT TV Entertainment bundle. Well, that’s what it’s called now – BT seems to like changing the names around every five minutes. In it, you’ll get a set-top box you can use to watch or record over 100 channels, and you can add BT Sport of £3.50 per month if that’s your thing.

Do bear in mind that this deal’s on an 18-month contract. That’s longer than is the norm, but also fairly typical for broadband deals offering such extreme value. Companies need to tie you in for a bit longer to make it worth their while. Just bear in mind that exiting early will cost you.

All BT broadband deals come with a landline by default – no way around it, your broadband comes through it, so you might as well use it for calls. Here, BT is offering free calls at weekends. Some terms and conditions apply, however (you can’t call your grandma on her mobile in Addis Ababa for nothing), so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with who you can and can’t call, and for how long.

With Christmas now seemingly moments away, this is certainly the best broadband and TV deal you’ll get before next year kicks off with a bang. It also easily trumps anything we saw in last year’s January sales, so waiting for them is probably not the best option. Snap it up, I say. Snap it up!


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