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BSkyB launches appeal against regulatory ruling

Monday, April 26th 2010 by Cable.co.uk

BSkyB launches appeal against Ofcom's regulatory ruling at the Competition Appeals Tribunal.

Digital TV provider BSkyB has launched its appeal to suspend a regulatory ruling which will force it to sell its sports content to rivals at a reduced price.

Last month, communications watchdog Ofcom announced that Sky must sell its sports channels to rival digital TV providers for more than 20 per cent less than current prices.

In response, the firm's lawyers have told the Competition Appeals Tribunal that they want interim relief from the ruling while preparing for a full appeal, reports Reuters.

Speaking at the hearing on Friday (April 21st), the lawyers said that the move would "strike at the heart" of Sky's ability to sell its assets as it deems appropriate.

A legal team representing the English Premier League has offered to lend its support to Sky's case.

Last week, Premier League boss Richard Scudamore said that Ofcom's ruling would impact on UK sports and UK sports fans.

"By forcing Sky to sell its sports channels to its competitors at a discount, Ofcom will reduce the incentives of all broadcasters, Sky included, to invest in the acquisition of sports rights," he added.

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