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BT gives away cashback and free BT Sport with January sale SIM-only deals

Tuesday, January 9th 2018 by Oprah Flash

When you think BT, the first thought that probably pops into your mind is broadband, phone lines and TV. But did you know the provider also supplies a mobile service?

We recently told you about BT offering up to £125 cashback with broadband and TV deals but there is also some cashback up for grabs with BT’s SIM-only deals.

All of BT’s SIM-only packages come with some form of cashback but the packages with the best rewards have at least 3GB of data.

The Essential Plan with a 3GB of data, unlimited texts and calls costs £10 a month over a 12-month contract. With this you’ll get a £50 cashback card to spend in any shop that accepts Mastercard. If you want to buy more than one of this deal you get two Essential Plan SIMs for £18 a month or three for £25 a month.

£50 reward card and free BT Sport

If you have a smartphone, you’ll probably need more data to make the most of the tech that comes with it. BT’s Perfect All Rounder Plan gives you 6GB of data to use each month along with unlimited minutes and texts for £12 a month. This is a pretty decent deal compared to what else is on the market as Vodafone currently only offers 1GB for £11 a month and £11 at O2 will only get you 500MB of data.

As well as a good bargain, you also get free access to BT Sport with the Perfect All Rounder Plan as well as a £50 reward card. Two SIMs will cost you £24 a month and it’s £34 a month for three.

For the next package both the data and the reward card worth take a giant leap. The Ultimate SIM Plan gives you 15GB of data with unlimited calls and texts for £18 a month. Just like the other plans mentioned this is over a pay-monthly contract for 12 months.

If there are any pressies you didn’t get the chance to buy over Christmas, this plan could come in useful as you get a reward card prepaid with £95. You’ll also have access to free BT Sport on your mobile throughout your contract so you can watch the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa league matches plus top games from the Premier League and FA Cup.

Sadly the reward card won’t automatically appear in the post, you’ll have fill out the claim form to receive it.

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