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BT issues filesharing warning

Wednesday, September 23rd 2009 by Cable.co.uk

Broadband provider BT has claimed that the cost of internet services could rise as efforts to tackle illegal filesharing get underway.

One of the UK's leading broadband has warned that the cost of tackling illegal filesharing could be passed onto customers.

John Petter, BT's consumer division head, has claimed that government proposals which would see broadband firms charged with policing the web could cost up to £1 million a day.

Due to this, it has been estimated that the cost of broadband across the UK could rise by £24 a year.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, he claimed that the music industry could tackle the problem but it does not want to "take the hit" to its public image.

Mr Petter added "It would cost millions and probably have very little impact as they [filesharers] would devise new ways to disguise what they're doing."

BT recently commenced a trial of new technology designed to provide broadband services over longer distances, which could help to bring web services to so-called "not-spots".

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