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BT Mobile offers 18GB SIM-only deal for £20 month with £90 cashback

Tuesday, February 6th 2018 by Oprah Flash

A sizable 18GB of data for £20 a month doesn’t sound bad right? What if we told you the deal also comes with £90 cashback and free BT Sport? You have to admit, it’s pretty tempting.

Until Thursday, BT Mobile has a SIM-only deal offering 18GB of data with unlimited texts and minutes for £20 a month.

This falls under The Ultimate SIM Plan Plus, which has been bolstered up with a £90 reward card for you to spend at the retailer of your choice, provided they accept Mastercard.

On top of this, you also get free access to BT Sport on your mobile so you can keep up with the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa league matches plus top games from the Premier League and FA Cup.

If you like the look of this deal and think your family member or friend would like it too, you can buy two for £35 a month or three for £48 a month. These deals all span a 12-month contract.

20GB for £20

What can £20 get you from Vodafone? The answer is a 20GB SIM-only deal with unlimited minutes and texts. For an extra fiver a month Vodafone has an Red Entertainment plan as well, with a huge 25GB of data.

It doesn’t come with cashback like BT Mobile’s offering but there is a free subscription to either a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV, throughout your 12-month contract.

Three is giving away the most generous data package for £20. You get a whopping 30GB of data with all-you-can-eat minutes and texts over a 12-month contract.

Tesco Mobile has a double data deal on its SIM-only plans. It doesn’t have a £20 offer but the closest thing is just 50p cheaper at £19.50 a month. This gets you 20GB of data with 5,000 texts and 3,000 minutes to use throughout the course of your 12-month contract. There are no freebies with this deal so BT’s offer still looks quite tempting.

Cashback and free BT Sport tempting you back to BT? The £20 offer is the top package that BT is offering but if you think 18GB is a silly amount of data to get through each month you can still choose the Perfect All Round plan. This gives you 10GB of data with unlimited texts and minutes for £17 a month.

This plan comes with a £70 prepaid reward card and the free BT Sport. Want two? No problem, BT has bulk buy discounts. Two of the Perfect All Rounder plans cost £29 a month and it's £39 a month for three.

To claim your cashback you’ll have to wait 30 days after your SIM is set up then visit BT’s website to fill out a claim form.

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