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BT offers up to £80 cashback and free BT Sport with SIM-only deals

Tuesday, January 16th 2018 by Luke Albiges

More January cashback goodness from BT, this time with BT Rewards Cards up to a value of £80 and free BT Sport on selected packages for new SIM-only mobile customers.

Similar to the telecoms firm's broadband cashback deals reported last week, this selection of SIM-only deals runs until midnight on Thursday 18 January, starting from as little as £11 per month and with additional discounts for multiple SIM family plans. Existing BT broadband customers may also be eligible for an additional £5 a month off listed prices.

The cheapest option is the Starter plan, coming in at £11 a month (down from the usual £12), which gets you a fairly modest 500MB data along with unlimited texts and phone minutes. While it's not included in the Family SIM deal, it still comes with £25 cashback as part of this offer.

Next up is the Essential plan, where the best bulk SIM bargains begin thanks to the Family SIM discount, which offers savings of up to 52% when you take up to five SIM cards. However many SIMs you're hungry for, this package (which starts from £15 per month) comes with 3GB data and all the calls and texts you can eat, along with £40 cashback as part of this limited-time offer.

Double the data

Moving on, the Perfect All-Rounder plan is the first tier where free BT Sport is thrown into the deal, and once again there are great savings to be made on multiple SIMs. There are two variants of this package, and the first offers a £5 per month saving (£17 rather than the usual price of £22) for this 6GB data SIM deal – that's double the data of the Essential plan for just £2 more a month, making this arguably the best value deal of the lot, depending on your circumstances and requirements, obviously.

The second variant adds data rather than cutting cost, upping the data limit to 10GB for the usual monthly price of 6GB (£22) and again with further savings for taking additional SIMs. Both All-Rounder options get unlimited texts and calls, and come with £40 cashback and free BT Sport for mobile devices.

Finally, for those who really devour data, BT's top-end SIM-only package is the self-proclaimed Ultimate SIM Plan, boasting a massive 20GB of monthly data (up from the usual 15GB) with additional savings over the usual cost of the plan. Packages start at £25 a month, with BT Sport and £80 cashback as an additional bonus, and naturally all calls and texts are included – it wouldn't be very ultimate if they weren't, would it?

For all BT Rewards Card cashback offers, you'll need to wait 30 days after SIM activation then claim your reward online. After that, your Rewards Card – effectively a disposable Mastercard preloaded with funds – will be shipped out to you.

It's worth noting that the free BT Sport option included in some of these packages only includes access and viewing via the mobile app. While you won't be able to use this on your TV or computer, it's still a nice extra for those that feel a little bit safer with Premier League access in their pockets.

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