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Can I use my data outside the EU?

Wednesday, December 13th 2017 by Oprah Flash

Travelling abroad this Christmas? If the havoc caused by the snow has you running abroad in search of sun you may be happy to hear that Three has expanded its global roaming to 11 new countries outside of the EU.

With Go Roam from Three you can now use the calls, texts and data from your monthly tariff in 71 countries across the world without incurring any extra costs.

You can snap and tweet your holiday pictures to your heart’s content in Chile, Colombia Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Vietnam and Mayotte. This is on top of 49 destination throughout Europe as well as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Brazil.

Dave Dyson, the chief executive of Three has said his goal is to offer 100% free roaming worldwide.

Go Roam is available on both pay-monthly and pay as you go plans from Three. With 71 countries at your disposal Three currently offers the most extensive global roaming feature.

In June this year, a ruling was passed stating all mobile providers must scrap roaming charges for their customers using phones in the EU.

What if i'm not with Three?

While Three currently has the longest list of countries for global roaming, Vodafone also lets you use your phone abroad. When you take out a pay-monthly contract with Vodafone, you’ll automatically be able to use your monthly allowances in 50 countries based mainly in the EU as line with the ruling.

If your next holiday destination is a bit more far out and you want to bring your phone, Vodafone has a 60 Roam-further option. Here you’ll pay £6 a day when you want to make a call, send a text or browse the internet. You’ll only pay for the days that you use.

If you don’t mind paying the £6 a day you’ll have 60 destinations in which to use the feature including Jamaica, Thailand and Mexico.

On O2, you’ll get the standard free roaming within the Europe Zone. Without a bolt-on you’ll be charged for any calls, texts or data you use outside of Europe which can prove to be expensive.

Alternatively, O2 offers an O2 Travel bolt-on for £4.99 a day. It's free to activate and you’ll only pay a fee when you start using the service. With this you’re free to use your data to post your holiday snaps and Instagram Live your shenanigans as there is no limit on the data you use. A possible downside is you might find it a a bit slower depending on where you are. There’s a cap of 120 minutes and 120 texts that you can send a day but receiving is unlimited.

Just like the other providers EE lets you use your phone in Europe the same way you would had home without the fear of extra charges.

If you have a Max plan with EE you can also use your tariff in Canada, Australia and USA without paying more for your usage.

All is not lost if you don’t have a Max plan. For pay-monthly customers EE offers a Travel Data Pass which gives you 500MB of data to use each day for £4 a day in USA and Canada or £5 a day if you’re traveling to in Australia, China, India, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and UAE.

You’ll struggle to stream music or videos with 500MB but it should just be enough for you to keep in touch with loved ones while you’re abroad.

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