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Carphone Warehouse offers double data and double memory with Google Pixel 2 deal

Thursday, March 8th 2018 by Emma Woollacott

Double data deals for smartphones are pretty common - you can nearly always find one if you shop around.

But how about four times the usual data allowance - with double the memory thrown in to boot?

Over at Carphone Warehouse, that's the impressive deal on offer right now if you sign up for a Google Pixel 2, the company's flagship phone.

The name of the Google Pixel 2 gives a clue to one of its biggest selling points: the superb 12.2MP camera. It has an f/1.8 aperture with both optical and electronic image stabilisation. Meanwhile, the front-facing camera is 8MP with f/2.4 and can record HD 1080P video.

Cleverly, when you take a photo, the camera actually takes several images that are combined by software into a single image, increasing the high dynamic range (HDR) and delivering amazing photos in low light.

And the phone has all the Google features you could want, including Google Lens, which lets you check a photo for landmarks, artwork and more.

128GB model for £39 a month

Meanwhile, Google Assistant lets you take a selfie, text a friend, turn on Bluetooth or find your way home, just by using your voice.

While there is a 64GB version, Carphone Warehouse is offering the 128GB model at the price it usually asks for the 64GB phone - and is also throwing in four times the data.

For £39.00 per month plus an £9.99 upfront cost, you'll get a total of 4GB of data on the O2 network, along with unlimited calls and texts. Thrown in are O2 Priority, O2 Travel and O2 wi-fi, letting you access more than 15,000 wifi hotspots.

There's even a £50 cashback, making the total cost work out at just £36.92 a month over the course of the 24-month contract. Pay an up-front cost of £129.99, and the monthly price drops to £34.00.

Alternatively, you can have 20GB of data for £46.00 per month plus a £9.99 upfront cost; or just £41.00 a month, if you're prepared to pay £129.99 up front for the phone.

Next up is a deal for the Vodafone network, offering 16GB of data with unlimited texts and calls and Vodafone Global Roaming in 110 destinations. It costs £47.00 per month with an up-front £29.00 charge, and again there's a £50 cashback, meaning it'll set you back the equivalent of £44.92 over the 24-month contract.

Up that data allowance to 32GB, and you'll pay £53.00 per month plus £29.00 upfront, and you'll get Vodafone entertainment thrown in.

These are cracking deals, we reckon - slightly better, even, than the deal from EE that we highlighted a couple of weeks ago, costing £47.99 a month for 15GB data. If you're set on getting Google's flagship phone, this is a deal that you really shouldn't miss.

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