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Cheapest fibre broadband deal: Vodafone 38Mb for £21 a month

Tuesday, March 13th 2018 by Oprah Flash

When you think Vodafone, what comes to mind? It’s probably mobile deals but the provider is also making a name for itself in the broadband market.

To catch your eye, Vodafone offers some of the best value plans in the UK. It claims the top spot for cheapest fibre broadband package, as its Superfast 1 plans with unlimited usage and download speeds up to 38Mbps, costs £21 a month.

There’s no set-up fee and the price includes line rental. Vodafone claims you’ll be able to download a standard definition movie in 90 seconds. The provider is so confident in its service that it has offered an ultimate speeds guarantee. This means if the speed you actually receive remains below 25Mbps, you’ll be eligible for a 15% discount. You’ll be able to check your speeds and make a claim through the Vodafone Broadband app.

As an added bonus from Vodafone, when you sign up to a broadband plan you’ll get a six-month free subscription to F-Secure, an anti-virus software.

Cheap fibre broadband

This plan should suit most small to medium households who connect to the internet to stream Netflix and download music. If you think this isn’t quite going to cut it, Vodafone is also the cheapest provider of a superfast broadband with speeds up to 76Mbps.

The Superfast 2 plan is £26 a month for an unlimited broadband connection with download speeds up to 76Mbps. Just like the plan above, there is no set-up fee and line rental is included. Under the ultimate speed guarantee, you should receive a minimum of 55Mbps, otherwise you can claim a discount.

Vodafone's top plan works well for larger households using up to five devices simultaneously to connect to the worldwide web. Both plans span 18-month minimum term contracts.

For the sake of comparison, elsewhere on the market an unlimited fibre broadband connection will cost you £22.50 a month from TalkTalk, £24.99 a month from Plusnet or £27 a month from EE.

Sky has an interesting fibre package worth mentioning. On the face of it, the Sky Fibre Broadband package with speeds up to 38Mbps for £21 a month looks as good as Vodafone’s deal.

With a £75 cashback reward it’s definitely tempting but there are two catches. Firstly, there is quite a hefty upfront cost of £59.95 to cover set-up fees plus the broadband connection is not unlimited. You only get 25GB of usage each month which will quickly become very frustrating.

Don’t click off the page just yet, Sky do offer a entry-level fibre broadband package with unlimited usage for £25 a month. There is still a pricey upfront charge but this is slight offset by the £75 cashback.

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