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Couple ‘fuming’ at five-month wait for BT broadband and phone line

Monday, September 14th 2015 by Ellen Branagh

A couple have spent nearly five months with no broadband or landline at their brand new home – only to see their neighbours get connected after three weeks.

Danny Reeves and Becky Woodhead had “fantastic” broadband at their former home just three quarters of a mile away in Sandbach, Cheshire.

But despite organising for broadband and a landline to be installed in their new home when they moved in April, they still can’t get online.

Management consultant Mr Reeves, 37, said the situation had become so ridiculous that he had gone past the point of being angry but said he could not see any end in sight for the saga.

“We moved house on 13 April, we had plenty of notice time, we let BT know we were moving and would need a new landline because it’s a new-build house,” he told Cable.co.uk.

“We literally moved three quarters of a mile away, you can almost see one house from the other.”

Everything was arranged and an engineer was scheduled to come a few days after they moved in, but the couple were left a message saying it would be delayed by a week.

That marked the start of a series of delays with a catalogue of excuses from ‘jointing work’ to clearing blockages, Mr Reeves said.

“Every 10 days I would get the next excuse.

“A month ago we were told they had to put cables down, about 3km. How can you not realise that?

“Then we were told they had found 10-11 blockages in the pipeline.

“The latest excuse was something to do with ‘safe dig prints’, basically to make sure there’s no utility line in the area.”

'At a loss'

After that Mr Reeves was told more bloackages needed to be cleared, and still has no broadband – nearly five months after moving in.

He and partner Becky Woodhead, 33, who is a product manager, recently discovered that a neighbour on the same estate, who moved in after they did in April, was connected just three weeks after moving in.

"I'm absolutely fuming," said Mr Reeves. "The guys at BT were as a loss as to why my neighbour 40 yards away has been sorted and I haven't. They only had to wait three weeks for set up."

When Mr Reeves questioned this, he was told that while there were no free lines from the exchange to the cabinet to provide him with service, the same problem did not affect his neighbour.

Mr Reeves said: “I work from home two days a week so for the last four months I’ve either had to go to my mum’s house about a mile away or tether to my mobile.

“I’m lucky I’ve got good mobile phone reception because otherwise I would be absolutely communication-less.

“I have moved on to a new estate which has about 300 houses. If you forget the broadband element of this, they aren’t even providing landlines for those people.

“Although we’re not city centre we aren’t totally out in the sticks – I had fantastic broadband just three quarters of a mile down the road.”

Mr Reeves said his main annoyance is the “piecemeal” way the work appears to be being carried out.

“They seem to wait until one thing is done then turn their attention to the next – they’re doing it piecemeal. That’s the bit that really annoys me.

“I work on a project and if I have four months of activity, I don’t do one thing after another.

“I honestly can’t see an end date for this, I could easily be having this conversation in another two months’ time.”

A BT spokeswoman told Cable.co.uk they are investigating the situation.

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