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Discontinuation of Three Mobile One Plan 'a joke' - customers

Thursday, December 11th 2014 by Hannah Langston

Three’s One Plan customers have voiced their frustrations at being forced to move to other mobile tariffs.

Three stopped selling its popular ‘all you can eat data’ package in March and removed the unlimited tethering option. But now users have been told they will have to switch to an alternative package.

Attila Dravecz, an engineer from Hampshire, told Cable.co.uk unlimited data is crucial to his business: “I was so happy with this contract as I am travelling around the country a lot doing plumbing etc so having truly unlimited mobile broadband plugged into my laptop, where I can work on engineering programs like AutoCAD and send and receive large files, was great”.

He added: “It’s bad because they are taking away something which is already available and at the same time reducing our smartphones' usefulness as the 4GB cap limit means you can only talk for four hours on Skype each month.

“It’s not right because they do not offer anything equal for return.”

The One Plan offered customers 2,000 minutes, 5,000 texts and unlimited web access on a rolling 30-day contract for £23 a month.

Three has introduced a raft of new plans, including an unlimited data and unlimited minutes tariff, but this will set customers back £26 a month and they also have to sign up to a 24-month contract.

One Plan customer Joe commented: “[Three] told me by January 5th they will automatically put me on a different tariff and it will cost more with less minutes – it's a joke.

'As good as a price increase'

Another customer, Sharverz, posted: “Earlier in the year, Three apologised for increasing prices and said they wouldn't do this again and that they've learnt a lesson from all the complaints received in regards this.

“Now they are abolishing The One Plan, this is as good as a price increase and will mean that we will have to pay more for the same inclusive package!”

A spokesperson for Three said: “Like all businesses we change our offers from time to time. In March we launched new plans giving customers extra benefits and flexibility and we are consequently phasing out old plans.

“We are therefore contacting those customers that are out of contract on legacy plans to let them know about the changes. They will have 60 days to decide what to do and if we don't hear from them then they'll be moved on to a one-month rolling SIM plan that they can cancel at any time."

The spokesperson explained there will be a “phased approach” to move people who are no longer in contract on to the new plans. Existing customers that are in contract will not be affected.

“We’ll be in touch with customers in various ways during the 60 day process, so they will have plenty of opportunity to choose a plan which works for them from a cost and allowances point of view.

“If we don’t hear from them, we will select a plan as close as possible to the customer’s existing plan benefits, but where possible at a lower price. The customer can always cancel their new contract with 30 days notice,” the spokesperson added.

In response to concerns from customers that they may have to pay more, Three said: “[Customers] will be moved on to a comparable tariff so it is individual to them – plus they have the option to choose which plan they want all along – we only move them onto a comparable tariff that we identify if we don’t hear from them. So it’s different for each customer”.

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