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Double data deals on the Monqi kids smartphone on iD Mobile

Friday, January 26th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Annoyed with having to prise your phone away from your kids? Well, for under a tenner a month you can get them a mobile of their own with a double data deal from iD Mobile.

The Monqi Kids Smartphone has been specially crafted for children and comes with its own unique child-friendly operating system accompanied by an app to let parents oversee everything from their own handsets.

It comes in a either black or white with a ‘grown up’ design. The 5-inch screen with HD display means the device looks just like any other smartphone on the market.

The kids can take pretty decent pictures on the Monqi phone using the 13MP rear camera built by Sony. There’s 8GB of internal storage to store the pictures and a few apps. For most adults this wouldn’t be enough and you might struggle to store all your favourite apps but this is perfectly fine for younger users.

If you do want more room you can add an 32GB MicroSD to bulk up the storage. It’s an Android phone, but is integrated with Monqi’s own software so parents can keep an eye on what their child is looking at on the phone.

Kids phone from £9.99 a month

This phone is designed especially for kids so you shouldn’t need a hefty data plan. The double data deals from iD come to an end at midnight on Thursday 1 February so you’ve got just over five days to sign up.

For the Monqi Kids Smartphone, iD has three plans. The first costs £9.99 a month over the course of a 24-month contract. There’s also a one-off £9.99 fee to pay upfront to secure the contract and each month you’ll have 1GB of data, 5,000 texts and 150 minutes to use. If you sign up after the double data offer has ended, this package will give you 500MB instead of 1GB.

For a fiver more each month you can get double the data and double the minutes each month. When you pay £14.99 a month you’ll get 2GB of data, 5,000 texts and 300 minutes. The difference here is that there is no upfront cost to pay with this deal.

The top package that iD is offering is 4GB of data, 5,000 texts and 600 minutes for £17.99 a month with zilch to pay upfront. Like the other packages mentioned, you’ll be entered into a 24-month contract when signing up to this deal.

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