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Dutch firm plans to 'disrupt' UK broadband and mobile markets

Wednesday, April 29th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

A Dutch company has promised to “disrupt” the UK broadband and mobile markets with an “aggressive” infrastructure rollout.

Angie Communications is planning to bring 10Gbps fibre broadband connections to three million UK premises in the next six years.

It also wants to bring 4.5G, or 4G LTE, mobile coverage to 95% of the country, and 5G wireless network coverage to 90%.

In a statement, the firm said it will “aggressively roll out three distinct next-generation communications infrastructures in the UK to bring a seamless, converged information superhighway closer to reality for UK consumers”.

Angie, which describes itself as a next-generation communications firm “with a long and remarkable history”, says the move is part of its international strategy.

“By leapfrogging the incumbent providers' fragmented and outdated services, Angie brings true convergence and seamless integration of 4.5G mobile, 5G wireless and 10Gbps video, data, voice and 'smart' (eg Internet of Things) services,” reads the statement.

“Think of a world where you can access the internet from anywhere anytime from any device at perfect quality, and you will understand why ‘Going Beyond Imagination’ is more than just Angie's tagline.”

'Battling it out'

Angie has set up a ‘virtual data room’ on its website to “help people familiarise themselves” with the company.

It has also released a 170-page strategy document titled ‘Going Beyond Imagination: The Blueprint for Next-Generation Communications’.

In it, Angie CEO Neal Lachman says the total lifetime cost of investing in UK infrastructure is almost €23bn.

“As an operator and service provider, Angie will develop itself as a lifestyle-convergence company, bringing the next generation of mobile, wireless and fiber communication services without compromising on quality and service,” writes Mr Lachman.

“We will guarantee our subscribers the highest quality service for a guaranteed low price.

“We strive to build each Angie company into the top-three largest telecom players in their respective markets, within the next 10 years.”

Mr Lachman said the communications market will see service providers “battling it out” in the coming years to gain or retain subscribers.

“However, we think that now is the right time for Angie to enter the market. As in all battles, there will be winners and losers. As long as we can count on the right partners, Angie will be one of the winners.”

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