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EE 4G powers 'life-saving' satnav for London's Air Ambulance

Thursday, April 25th 2013 by Paul France
London's Air Ambulance using navigation app powered by EE's 4G network

A new satnav system for London's Air Ambulance is being powered by EE's super-fast mobile broadband network.

Super-fast 4G mobile broadband will help to save lives under a new strategic partnership between London's Air Ambulance and network operator EE.

The organisations are working together to develop new systems that make use of 4G technology to cut potentially vital minutes from the emergency response service's mission times.

EE's 4G network is already being utilised to power satnav apps on tablet PCs in rapid response cars, which are used at night to transport senior trauma doctors and paramedics to patients.

Navigation is the responsibility of the doctor, while the paramedic is tasked with driving. Until the EE satnav system was adopted, traditional A to Z map books were used to plan routes across the capital, but now the desired address can be inputted directly into the navigation app.

It is believed that this 4G innovation could reduce dispatch times by as much as two minutes.

Dr Gareth Davies, medical director and chair of the trustees of London’s Air Ambulance, said: "Many of [our patients] don't have a pulse, so the time you have to save a life is very short and saving seconds wherever we can all adds up and makes a difference to their outcome."

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