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EE best for mobile broadband at three London airports

Monday, April 27th 2015 by Dean Reilly

EE has been named the best performing network for mobile internet at three of the busiest airports in the country.

The mobile provider delivered the fastest download and upload speeds in London City Airport during tests conducted by data analysts RootMetrics.

The results gave EE their third success in recent rounds of airport-based testing by RootMetrics, which previously found that the mobile provider also offered the highest speeds at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

The London City Airport results saw EE deliver downloads of 16.14Mbps and uploads of 26.24Mbps.

In second place was O2, achieving download and upload speeds of 7.17Mbps and 6.45Mbps.

Third place went to Three with 4.51Mbps and 10.21Mbps download and upload speeds respectively, with Vodafone coming fourth.

RootMetrics CEO Bill Moore said: “Travellers in the UK can now get a better idea of mobile internet performance while travelling and during delays at the UK’s busiest airports.

“Our testing at London City showed impressive performances from multiple operators, especially EE, which recorded the fastest median download and upload speeds, while winning its third consecutive Mobile Internet RootScore Award to date at a UK airport.”

Most reliable network

The mobile data tests measured how quickly and reliably each of the four UK networks could download and upload data, send emails and access web pages on mobile devices.

London City is the fifth busiest airport in the capital, with around 3m passengers passing through its gates annually.

As previously reported, EE was also named by RootMetrics as the strongest performing network in the UK as part of a recent interim report published by the data analysts.

The 1st Half 2015 UK Mobile Network Performance Review tested mobile coverage in seven UK cities, and will go on to conduct tests in a total of 16 different major locations across the country.

The RootMetric results mirror those of telecoms regulator Ofcom, which recently named EE as the most reliable mobile network.

However, Ofcom also stated that EE has the slowest web browsing speeds of all four of the major mobile operators.

The findings were published as part of wider Ofcom research into 3G and 4G mobile broadband performance, which showed that 4G mobile technology outperforms 3G.

Speaking to Cable.co.uk at the time, EE challenged the results, saying that the web browsing measurement was "flawed" and did not accurately represent typical consumer usage.

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