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New EE Black Friday iPhone deal – Save up to £199 on iPhone 6s

Tuesday, November 21st 2017 by Oprah Flash

They say go big or go home and in the run up to Black Friday EE has gone big with its smartphone pay-monthly deals, offering a saving of up to £199.99 with the iPhone 6S.

EE launched the deals today and they last up until Midnight on Thursday 7 December. The provider is offering savings on the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE handsets. The mid-range Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 are also up for grabs along with the Huawei P10.

To sweeten its SIM-only deal the provider is giving away a £100 reward card if you sign up to the 25GB tariff on a 12-month contract.

Smartphones: Apple, Samsung and Huawei

We’re just 34 days away from Christmas and I can bet your teenagers have added an iPhone to their list to Santa. With the scent of Black Friday in the air many mobile providers are making it cheaper to to get your hands on one of Apple’s smartphones.

From EE up until Thursday 7 December you can make a saving of £199.99 with the iPhone 6S (32GB) on EE’s Essential Plan. The provider has dropped all upfront costs for the handset over the offer period and on a 24-month contract you’ll pay £30.49 a month for 500MB. 500 minutes and unlimited texts.

With an iPhone you may not be able to be to use the device to its full might with just 500MB of data. EE’s Black Friday deal also extends to the 4GEE Plan which gives you 1GB and unlimited calls and texts for £32.99 a month or the 4GEE Max Plan with 8GB for £37.99.

The iPhone SE also has no upfront cost and you’ll save £149.99 for both the 32GB and 128GB models with an EE Essential Plan.

Over 24-months you’ll pay £20.49 for a 500MB data allowance with 500 minutes and unlimited texts for the iPhone SE (32B). For more internal storage the 128GB model is £25.49 a month with for the same 500MB tariff.

Not Team Apple? Don’t worry EE has included some Android smartphones in the Black Friday event as well.

If you choose to sign up within the next two weeks EE promises you’ll make a saving of £99 on both the Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5. Under the Essential Plan with 500MB, it costs £18.99 a month for the Galaxy A3 and £25.49 a month for the Galaxy A5.

Huawei P10 frm £25.49 a month

The Huawei P10 seems to be less popular than its Apple and Samsung counterparts but with a stellar tech spec it definitely brings the big guns to the smartphone fight.

While boasting 64GB of internal storage, fingerprint scanner technology and two rear camera lenses Huawei’s phone has many of the features that are sought after in the iPhone 6S.

Through EE you’ll save £199.99 with the EE Essential Plan and will pay £25.49 a month for 500MB over a two year contract and just like the other handsets you’ll pay nothing upfront. This will give you the basic 500MB with 500 minutes and the unlimited texts.

If the Black Friday savings aren’t enough to convince you EE has boosted its pay monthly deals with 3-months free access to the BT Sport App and 6-months of free Apple Music.

Tablet - £14 a month for 2GB

If you’re happy with your phone but just want some extra tech for Christmas, EE has reduced the Huawei T3 8" tablet to £14 a month over a 24-month EE Essentials contract. You’ll get 2GB of data and will make a saving of £50.

SIM-Only - £100 Reward Card

Rather than splashing the cash on a new handset you also have the option to buy a SIM-only plan. This tends to be the better option if you’re happy with your current phone but want quite a lot of data without paying out too much each month.

EE’s SIM-only deals start tomorrow and you can get 20GB of data with unlimited calls and texts for £19.99 a month with the 12-month 4GEE plan.

There’s a £100 reward card up for grabs on the 4GEE Max plan where you’ll pay £26 a month over a yearly contract and in return you’ll receive 25GB with unlimited calls and texts.

Cheap phones

If you’re not that tech-savvy and just want a no-frills phone to make calls and send texts, then a pay as you go phone could be the option for you.

During the Black Friday event EE is offering the The Alcatel Pixi 3 for free when you buy a £20 top up. This deal is only available until Monday 27 November.

The Alcatel Pixi 4 is £19.99 with a £20 top up and the Mobiwire Klah is less than a tenner at £7.49 when you buy a £10 top up.

They’re cheap and cheerful and could make a good stocking filler for your tech-phobe nan.


Bundled in with the Black Friday deals EE has halved the cost of all screen protectors and select phone cases.

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