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EE customer billed £320 to cancel broadband that never worked

Wednesday, August 26th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

An EE broadband customer was asked to pay £320 to cancel a service that had never worked.

Emily Hodson, 23, ordered broadband more than three weeks ago but is still without a service, despite more than 20 calls to EE – including six in one day – and a total of five hours spent on hold.

Ms Hodson, a PR assistant, placed the order on 27 July, four days before moving into a new flat in Bow, east London, with 21-year-old housemates Anna Davies, an investment banker, and Florence Waller-Carr, a student engagement officer at a cancer charity.

They signed up for EE unlimited broadband, opting to pay a year’s line rental up front, leaving them with a monthly fee of £2.95.

“We made sure to check whether it was going to be a faff as they were just going to post us the router,” Ms Hodson told Cable.co.uk.

“We said, if it’s going to be a hassle setting it up ourselves, let's not bother because we want it ASAP. They assured us it would be fine so we went along with it.”

The router took 10 days to arrive and when it did, the housemates could not get it to work.

“So that's when the phone calls started. We were told our internet would be activated imminently and to wait,” said Ms Hodson.

“Three days, four days, nothing. So we called customer services again, six times in one day to be told more than once that they couldn't find our account anywhere, that we just had to wait.

“When we got through to tech support, we got hung up on. Not the best.”

On 17 July, after three weeks without a service, Ms Hodson decided that enough was enough and called EE to cancel her contract.

'Not entirely useful'

She was told she would be charged a cancellation fee, a disconnection fee – despite never actually being connected – and any bills owed in the next 14 days, including the 12 months up-front line rental.

“We tried to cancel but couldn't bring ourselves to pay what would have ended up being £320 for something that never worked.

“We called back to cancel again and this time we were put through to someone who couldn't find proof of our account anywhere on the system.

“After 10 minutes of trying, he patched us through to tech support to try and fix the broadband, so I sat on the phone to tech support for 50 minutes, in the back end of EE broadband on my laptop whilst I had my phone to my ear sat on the floor in front of the router, to no avail.”

Ms Hodson said that as well as calling, she turned to Twitter to seek EE’s help, with little success.

“Their response to all of my questions was ‘that’s not our department’, ‘that’s not possible’ or ‘sorry about this’. Not entirely useful.”

Last week, EE finally agreed to cancel the contract for free but said it couldn't be done immediately because a previous discount applied to the account was still processing.

Ms Hodson said she now has written confirmation that the contract will be cancelled for free but will still be keeping a close eye on her bank account.

The housemates have now set up an account with BT and are hoping to have broadband up and running in their flat by next week.

An EE spokesperson said: "We're working with the customer to help resolve any fault, but due to the customer's availability we've currently been unable to identify what may be causing the issue."

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