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EE customers to get flood risk warnings on their mobiles

Wednesday, July 15th 2015 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

EE customers in flood risk areas are to get flood warnings sent to their mobile phones.

Messages from the Environment Agency’s Floodline Warnings Direct service will be sent to EE customers in what is the first time warnings have been issued directly through a mobile provider.

The scheme is being rolled out across the country following a successful pilot in Staffordshire in March.

Since 2010, the Floodline Warnings Direct service has enabled the Environment Agency to automatically register and send warnings to 600,000 homes and business landline numbers.

Its partnership with EE means flood warnings will be issued directly through a mobile phone provider for the first time.

Jason Rees, EE’s director of new business, said: “This new service clearly demonstrates the positive contribution that mobile technology makes to our everyday lives.

“The Floodline Warnings Direct service offers our customers a free and essential service.”

Craig Woolhouse, flood risk manager at the Environment Agency, added: “We want to ensure that everyone has as much time as possible to prepare for flooding and by working with EE we’re now able to warn even more people about the risks.

'Warnings save lives'

“Flood warnings save lives and this ground-breaking initiative is another way of raising awareness of flood risk.”

The rollout of the warning service follows the announcement of a new phone number designed to make it easier for people to contact their electricity provider in the event of a power cut.

The new three-digit electricity helpline, developed by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), will use the number 105.

Phone numbers beginning 10 or 11 can be designated as three-digit numbers for new services.

Some are already in use, such as the non-emergency police number 101 and 111 for the NHS. Others are set aside for phone companies.

David Smith, CEO of the ENA, said: “The industry is committed to working together to make it easier for customers to contact their local electricity distribution company, especially when there are issues with loss of power, associated customer welfare and safety.”

The new electricity helpline will be launched in April 2016. Customers calling the number will be automatically re-routed to their electricity provider by Vodafone, without having to know who that operator is.

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