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EE launches new smart number technology for Apple devices

Monday, June 11th 2018 by Oprah Flash

Today, EE has announced the launch of new smart number technology, that allows you to make and receive calls across all of your Apple devices using the same number without having to pay for any additional tariffs.

As part of its plan to create a converged smart network, EE will make use of Wi-Fi Calling technology to allow you to make and receive calls from your laptop, tablet or Apple Watch device even if your iPhone is at home and switched off.

The number remains the same across up to five connected devices. You must be an EE pay-monthly customer for your smartphone, but the other devices do not require a tariff, just a connection to either wi-fi or a mobile network.

Max Taylor, the managing director of marketing at EE, said: “We’ve made it our mission to give our customers amazing new technologies that make the most of our award-winning network to help keep them connected, wherever they go and whatever they want to do.

'Seamlessly connected'

“Our new smart number technology is a great example of how we’re helping customers to seamlessly connect their favourite devices – whether on laptops, tablets or smart watches, even if they’re away from their smartphone.”

For EE’s smart number technology to work across your devices, your primary smartphone must be an iPhone 6 or later with no earlier than the iOS 11.3 software. If you plan to use the feature on an iPad, it will need to be on iOS 10, or later, and OS X El Capitan or more updated software is required for Macs.

So far it seems the smart number technology only works across Apple devices, so if you’re team Android, you’ll miss out. However, EE has confirmed it’s working on developing the function for Android smartphones and devices so watch this space.

Quite conveniently, EE is the only network in the UK, that offers pay-monthly plans for the Apple Watch Series 3.

While similar features are already available on apps such as WhatsApp and Skype, it's the first time a mobile network has offered the service. One aspect in particular that you may find useful, is the ability to hand off a call from one device to another.

You can start a conference call on your laptop at home, then if you need to quickly pop out, you can continue the same call on your smartphone with the press of a button.

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