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EE fibre broadband deal offers 76Mb, 5GB mobile data boost, free Google Home for £45 per month

Thursday, October 26th 2017 by Oprah Flash

EE has released a new broadband package allowing customers to access download speeds of up to 76Mbps and inclusive calls.

The Fibre Max plan includes ‘superfast’ fibre broadband with calls to UK landlines and 50 international destinations as well as 1,500 minutes of calls to UK mobiles.

Describing the plan as its "most inclusive broadband package to date" EE has also added a free Google Home device to the package for customers who sign up by Monday 20 November.

The plan costs £45 a month on a contract spanning 18 months. To add EE TV to the package the price goes up to £53 a month.

After the first 18 months the Unlimited Fibre Max Plan (without EE TV) will cost £52.50 a month.

EE has enhanced the Fibre Max Plan with added bonuses including a 5GB data boost for pay monthly mobile customers and a year of free Norton Security Premium software.

The provider has also waived setup fees for customers who sign up before Thursday 7 December. After this period, setup will incur a one-off cost of £35.

If a new phone line is needed in a customer’s home to supply the service, there will be an additional cost of £30.

EE has promised new customers it will offer them a £50 credit if they are charged by their current provider for switching early.

The launch was inspired by the success of the 4GEE Max plans for pay monthly mobile phone contracts.

Free Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker that is powered by Google Assistant. It allows you to check the news, stream music and set calendar reminders all with a voice command. Its main industry rival at the moment is Amazon’s Echo.

The Google Home device usually retails for £129 but is free with the EE Fibre Max broadband deal.

If you’re not an EE mobile customer or if you already have an Amazon Echo device this may not be the deal for you.

An attractive quality about the Fibre Max package by EE is the added features that are already included without having to go through the hassle of including them at the end as an add on.

What else is out there?

Compared to deals offered by its competitors, EE’s new Fibre Max deal is pretty good. Not only does it offer fast download speeds that will allow a group of people to use the internet at the same time, it also includes international calls to up to 50 destinations worldwide.

BT’s Unlimited infinity 2 package packs quite the punch with up to 76Mb speeds, UK weekend calls and 1,000GB of free cloud storage for £44.99 a month.

This is on a 12-month contract which is shorter than others on the market and has the added bonus of a £125 BT Reward Card.

However if the international calls is an important feature for you the cost goes up to £52.79 a month. The international calls need to be added as phone extra when processing the order.

Also offering 76Mbps is Sky’s Fibre Max package which costs £43 a month. To add international calls to this takes the total to £55 a month with a one-off £59.95 set up fee.

This package is also available on an 18-month contract and will see customers paying £10 a month more than the EE Fibre Max plan.

Virgin Media provides broadband through its own cables so has a different level of speeds available.

The closet package to EE’s Fibre Max is the Vivid 100 Fibre package. With calls and downloads speed up to 100Mbps, Virgin customers will pay £34 a month for the first year then £45 thereafter.

To upgrade this package to include international calls customers will pay £49 a month with a one-off £20 activation fee.

This is only a fiver more than EE’s deal but customers will have to go through the hassle of adding international calls onto the package.

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