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EE Max plans offer two years' free access to the BT Sport app

Monday, March 19th 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

If the prospect of a quarter final clash between Liverpool and Man City has made you realise that yes, you are bothered about watching the Champions League after all, then you need BT Sport.

But we get it, you don’t want to commit to a new TV contract – not least because the chances are you’ll end up watching the footy on your phone anyway.

Luckily, EE has a deal that’s right up your street. Sign up to one of its 24-month 4GEE Max plans and you’ll get free access to the BT Sport app thrown in for the entire length of the contract.

Even an Essential plan, which doesn’t come with quite the same benefits, still gets you three months BT Sport, which would still be enough to see you through to the end of this season’s Champions League competition.

The BT Sport app allows you to stream live sporting events from BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3 and BT Sport/ESPN as well as catch up with BT Sport programmes and documentaries on demand.

All Champions League and Europa League games are shown live on the app, so there’s no need to miss any European football action. You can also get the latest sports news from around the world, see exclusive video content and find details of upcoming shows in the BT Sport ‘What Now’ programme guide.

Data roaming

As well as access to the BT Sport app, EE Max plans also allow you to use your data allowance throughout the EU and in five extra destinations – the USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.

Some Max plans even allow you to upgrade your phone every 12 months, although every time you do upgrade to a new handset you will be entered into a new 24-month plan.

If you were thinking about getting the new Samsung Galaxy S9, the cheapest Max plan on EE would currently set you back £50 initially and then £63 a month. For that, you get 8GB of data and unlimited calls and texts, plus the additional benefits we’ve already talked about.

As an EE customer, you’d also get six months’ free Apple Music – and what’s more, any data you eat through while using the app won’t come out of your monthly allowance.

EE isn’t the only provider to offer free access to the BT Sport app with its mobile plans, though. Its parent company BT, funnily enough, also offers the benefit when you take a data plan of at least 6GB.

If we stick with the Samsung Galaxy S9 for the purposes of a quick comparison, the All-Rounder plan currently offers double the data at 12GB for the price of 6GB plus unlimited calls and texts for £57 a month, although there is the small matter of a £150 upfront cost for the handset.

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