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EE SIM deal offers 10GB of data for £17 a month

Thursday, March 15th 2018 by Phil Wilkinson-Jones

Choosing a SIM-only deal is all about striking the right balance. You want a good amount of data and you want it for a reasonable price, but you don’t want to be paying for more than you need.

EE is currently offering 10GB of data for £17 a month on one of its superfast 4G SIMs.

Of course, in return for your £17 you don’t just get data – you also get unlimited texts and calls and six months’ free access to Apple Music, as well as the ability to use your phone in any one of 48 European destinations without incurring any additional charges.

Another benefit is that any data you use on Apple Music won’t be taken out of your allowance. The deal is available until 3 April.

In terms of how much data you can get for about the £17 mark, this deal compares favourably with EE’s rivals – Vodafone will give you 8GB for £18 and O2 is offering 10GB for £19 – but if you’re willing to stretch your budget a little you can get a lot more bang for your buck.

For an extra fiver a month, that’s £22, EE will double the amount of data it gives you to play with. So more streaming, more Snapchatting and more of whatever else it is you do with your phone.

30GB for £20 a month

Both O2 and Vodafone can beat that, though, as they are both currently offering 20GB of data for £20 a month.

Three does even better at this price point, as right now you can get your hands on 30GB for that same £20 a month. Now you might well be thinking ‘how will I ever use 30GB of data in a month’ and, to be honest, we’re thinking the same thing – but this isn’t even the biggest data package available, not by a long stretch.

Anyway, Three’s 12-month Advanced plan comes with unlimited texts and calls on top of your 30GB, plus access to Feel At Home Around The World, which lets you use your phone in 71 destinations at no extra cost.

You also get Go Binge, which provides you with an unlimited data allowance specifically for using certain streaming services including Netflix, TV Player, SoundCloud and Deezer.

With some of the most popular streaming apps taken care it’ll be even harder to use up that data allowance – and for heavy users who aren’t often connected to wi-fi a deal like this could be just the thing to give them the breathing room they need.

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