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EE tops league for mobile internet performance at Arsenal stadium

Tuesday, May 5th 2015 by Ellen Branagh

EE has emerged top of the table for mobile internet performance at London’s Emirates Stadium.

The mobile provider was ranked the top-performing network in tests conducted by data analysts RootMetrics during a sell-out football match at Arsenal’s home ground.

EE proved to be the fastest and most reliable network, with Vodafone second, and O2 and Three tying for third, according to the Rootmetrics report.

Testing took place on 4 April, when more than 60,000 fans packed the stadium to watch Arsenal beat Liverpool in the Barclays Premier League.

RootMetrics distils results from its scientific, independent and consumer-focused tests into ‘RootScores’, with higher scores showing better mobile internet reliability and speed.

According to its tests at the Emirates Stadium for last month’s match, EE received an overall score of 86.8, compared to 74 for Vodafone.

RootMetrics awarded 62.8 points to O2, with a “statistically comparable” 60.5 for Three, putting them in joint third overall.

RootMetrics CEO and president Bill Moore said: “At one of the UK’s largest football stadiums, visitors will be looking for good mobile connectivity to find friends, make bets, keep up to date with other football scores and check-in on social media.

“Our testing at Emirates Stadium shows that, during a sell-out game, EE coped with mobile internet demands the best.”

RootMetrics measured the major networks’ reliability, with EE coming out top in its testing of data transfers, email and web/app performance with a score of 92.2.

Vodafone was second with 82.7, while O2 and Three were said to have experienced “some difficulty” connecting to the network during testing. For reliability O2 got a score of 64.2 while Three had 61.4.

'Particular challenges'

For speed, EE again came top, with a video from the event taking up to 20 seconds to upload at its median upload speed, compared to up to five minutes for other networks.

According to RootMetrics, EE’s median upload speed was 9.9Mbps at the event, compared to 3.1Mbps for O2, 1.6Mbps for Three and 3.4 for Vodafone.

Median download speeds were recorded as 5.8Mbps for EE, 0.3Mbps for O2, 0.5Mbps for Three and 0.4Mbps for Vodafone.

In terms of ‘RootScore’ for speed, EE came first with 78.8, while Vodafone, O2 and Three were placed joint second with 61.1, 60.9 and 59.1 respectively.

RootMetrics said all mobile networks’ speeds at the Emirates Stadium were slower than the speeds recorded during its testing of the wider London area in October 2014.

Mr Moore added: “The slower network speeds recorded in comparison to our testing of the wider London area in October 2014 are in line with what we would expect to see, as stadiums and venues present particular challenges for networks.

“Potential trouble spots include congestion, with high demands placed on a network within a relatively small space, as well as dense construction materials which make it harder for radio signals to penetrate.

“Location and different mobile behaviour shouldn’t be overlooked either.

“This unbiased information will help to give football fans and other visitors a better idea of the mobile performance they should expect while at The Emirates.”

Last week Cable.co.uk reported that RootMetrics had named EE the best performing network for mobile internet at three of the busiest airports in the country.

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